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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Quentin tell Shreve he is carrying?
(a) A hammer
(b) A pair of shoes
(c) A football
(d) Nothing

2. What does Quentin think about the smell of honey suckle?
(a) It is the saddest smell of them all.
(b) It reminds him of the summer.
(c) It makes him sneeze.
(d) It the most beatiful small of them all.

3. What are the people at the river doing?
(a) Washing clothes
(b) Fishing
(c) Sun bathing
(d) Bathing

4. What does Luster find in the water?
(a) A dead fish
(b) A human hand
(c) A golf ball
(d) A golf club

5. How does Caroline see her youngest son's affliction?
(a) As a curse on the family
(b) As God's will
(c) As part of life
(d) As a blessing

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jason say will happen to Dilsey if he lets Caddy see her child again?

2. On whom does Jason vent his anger ?

3. How much does Quentin have to pay to stop from going to court?

4. What does Luster offer to sell the golfer?

5. Who does Luster give the golf ball to?

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