The Sound and the Fury Character Descriptions

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Dalton Ames

One of Caddy's lovers. Quentin tries to deny him a role in Caddy's life.

Sheriff Anse

Jason asks for his help to catch his niece Quentin after she robs him and runs away from home. However he refuses to help, saying the money was not Jason's to begin with.

Maury L. Bascomb

He appears in Benjy's monologue, humoring his sister's complaints. Faulkner describes him as a "handsome flashing swaggering workless bachelor who borrowed money from almost anyone."

Gerald Bland

One of Quentin' s acquaintances at Harvard. He is spoiled by his indulgent mother, who puts on parties for him and allows him a car. He often boasts of his success with women, much to Quentin's annoyance.


One of Caddy's boyfriends. He upsets Caddy by asking Benjy to leave them alone.

Benjamin Compson

This character sees the world in terms of sights and sounds. The other...

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