Soul Catcher Character Descriptions

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Dr. Tilman Barth - This character is an anthropology professor at the University of Washington.

Aunt Cally - This character is a relative of the antagonist who wants to save the antagonist's life by having the antagonist release his prisoner.

Vince Debay - This person is the hiker who is killed in the forest.

Hobuhet-Katsuk - See Charles Hobuhet

Hoquat - See David Morgenstern Marshall

Norman Hosbig - This character is an FBI agent assigned to lead the search.

Janiktaht - This is the antagonist's sibling.

Katsuk - See Charles Hobuhet

Mary Kletnik - This person is also known by the tribal name "Tskanay."

David Morgenstern Marshall - This character is the thirteen-year-old kidnap victim.

Mr. Howard Marshall - This character is the newly appointed United States Undersecretary of State.

Mrs. Marshall - This character is the protagonist's mother.

Old Ish - This character is the...

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