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Section 1

• Howard Marshall, a politically connected man, is going to Six Rivers Camp to try to find his son, David, who has been kidnapped.

• The Marshall family is in the Washington state logging industry.

• The Marshalls are well-known for their fair treatment of their Native American workers.

• A Native American college student, Charles Hobuhet, who uses the alias "Katsuk," is the suspect in David's kidnapping. Katsuk has left a note explaining that he intends to sacrifice David in a Native American ceremony for all of the innocent Native Americans killed by the white man throughout the centuries.

• The story flashes back to David leaving for camp. He is excited, especially about the camping knife his father gave him for his birthday.

• The story again shifts, this time to Dr. Tilman Barth, a university anthropologist who explains why Charles chose his alias.

Section 2

• Charles explains that after an incident...

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