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Short Answer Questions

1. Why was Sophie given a preferred position in the concentration camp?

2. What does Nathan rave about in the motel in Connecticut?

3. Why is Nathan thinking about visiting the south?

4. What does Sophhie beg Hoss to do?

5. What kind of musical instrument did Sophie's daughter play?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the memory Sophie has been circling around the entire book.

2. Describe the day Sophie was arrested.

3. What did Sophie first tell Stingo about her son and how she tried to help him at the camp?

4. Stingo, as the older narrator, recites some statistics about the Holocaust. Give a summary of them.

5. Describe what Stingo found when he followed Sophie back to New York and what happened after that.

6. What kind of literature is Stingo reading twenty years after meeting Sophie and Nathan and why is he reading it?

7. What does Stingo observe at the celebration that the three have after Stingo returns from Nathan's brother?

8. What does Sophie say about her father in Chapter 9 that conflicts with her statements concerning him earlier in the book?

9. What happened when Stingo received a call from Nathan's brother?

10. What happened with Sophie and her boss that causes Nathan to scream at her?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Stingo seems to alternate between despair and elation in his relationship with both Sophie and Nathan. Describe his friendship with them in terms of his emotions.

Essay Topic 2

Although belief in the basic evil of the Jewish people was part of the cause of the holocaust, it was not a phenomena that existed only in Nazi Germany. The Jewish people have been reviled and persecuted throughout most of their history. How do you think the general attitude of the world towards Jews helped produce Nazi Germany? Use examples from the book and your own research.

Essay Topic 3

How do you think Sophie's experiences in the concentration camp affected her life? Use examples from the book to support your opinion.

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