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Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of house is Stingo expecting Leslie's to be?

2. Stingo receives a letter from his dad who tells him of what inheritance?

3. What color is the Yetta Zimmerman's boarding house?

4. Who helped Sophie with her health problems after she met Nathan?

5. What does Stingo begin reading at work?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the conversation Stingo and Sophie have in the park when they go for lunch in Chapter 6.

2. Describe Stingo's feelings about his job and where he moved from to New York.

3. What does Nathan do when he returns to Sophie's after meeting at the library.

4. Why did the conversation with Nathan's friends on Coney Island fascinate Stingo?

5. One night in the Maple Court Stingo and Sophie are waiting for Nathan. Sophie is dressed differently than usual. How is she dressed and why is she dressed that way?

6. Why does Stingo's father write him about an inheritance and what does he say?

7. Tell the story of how Stingo's father got the money he sent.

8. Describe the scene between Stingo and Leslie at her house.

9. Describe Nathan's criticism of Stingo's southern origins. To what does he compare Stingo?

10. What happened the day the day the Nazis came to the university? How did Sophie know?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How do you think Sophie's experiences in the concentration camp affected her life? Use examples from the book to support your opinion.

Essay Topic 2

How do you think Stingo was changed by watching Nathan and Sophie's love affair day in and day out?

Essay Topic 3

Pretend you are living in Nazi Germany and have just been arrested and sent to a concentration camp. Describe how you feel, what you are seeing, and how you plan to get out of the camp alive.

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