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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Stingo describe Höss' background?

2. Why does Stingo keep checking his watch when he and Sophie are talking?

3. As he sits in his room trying to write, what does Stingo hear?

4. Where did her parents work?

5. How does Stingo feel when Nathan asks to read his writing?

Short Essay Questions

1. One night in the Maple Court Stingo and Sophie are waiting for Nathan. Sophie is dressed differently than usual. How is she dressed and why is she dressed that way?

2. Why does Stingo's father write him about an inheritance and what does he say?

3. Describe how Stingo finds out about his old girlfriend, Maria and how he feels about it.

4. What types of behavior did Stingo indulge in that his new boss at McGraw-Hill hated?

5. Describe Stingo's feelings about his job and where he moved from to New York.

6. Is Stingo tempted by his father's offer and why won't he take it?

7. What happened the day the day the Nazis came to the university? How did Sophie know?

8. How does the narrator Stingo write of Leslie Lapidus?

9. Describe Stingo's thoughts on Senator Theodore Gilmore Bilbo and why he was thinking of him.

10. What happened to Sophie immediately following her molestation on the subway?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe Nathan's behavior, both when he is acting healthy and acting insane. Why do you think Stingo continues to hope that Nathan will get better?

Essay Topic 2

Stingo seems to alternate between despair and elation in his relationship with both Sophie and Nathan. Describe his friendship with them in terms of his emotions.

Essay Topic 3

Why do you think Farrell puts up with Stingo's behavior at work? Support your answer with evidence from the first chapter.

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