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Short Answer Questions

1. Who helped Sophie with her health problems after she met Nathan?

2. What kind of house is Stingo expecting Leslie's to be?

3. Who does Stingo watch from his apartment?

4. What does Sophie say is the reason she believes God has turned His face from her?

5. What does Sophie tell Nathan in defense of Stingo?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the conversation Stingo and Sophie have in the park when they go for lunch in Chapter 6.

2. What does Sophie tell Nathan the first night they met about her background in the camp?

3. What types of behavior did Stingo indulge in that his new boss at McGraw-Hill hated?

4. What happened the day the day the Nazis came to the university? How did Sophie know?

5. Why does Commandant Hoss say he had it as difficult as the prisoners?

6. Describe Nathan's criticism of Stingo's southern origins. To what does he compare Stingo?

7. How does Farrell feel about Stingo and what does he say to Stingo about his job and his life?

8. One night in the Maple Court Stingo and Sophie are waiting for Nathan. Sophie is dressed differently than usual. How is she dressed and why is she dressed that way?

9. What happened to Sophie immediately following her molestation on the subway?

10. What is Leslie's house and her parents like, according to Stingo and how do they differ than what he pictured?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe Sophie's experience in the concentration camp. Include examples from the book.

Essay Topic 2

Pretend you are living in Nazi Germany and have just been arrested and sent to a concentration camp. Describe how you feel, what you are seeing, and how you plan to get out of the camp alive.

Essay Topic 3

Although belief in the basic evil of the Jewish people was part of the cause of the holocaust, it was not a phenomena that existed only in Nazi Germany. The Jewish people have been reviled and persecuted throughout most of their history. How do you think the general attitude of the world towards Jews helped produce Nazi Germany? Use examples from the book and your own research.

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