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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Nat Turner famous?
(a) he led the underground railroad
(b) he was governor of Georgia
(c) he led a slave revolt
(d) he shot Thomas Jefferson

2. Stingo falls asleep on the beach. What does Sophie do?
(a) finishes the bottle of whiskey
(b) swims far out to drown
(c) takes a bus home
(d) walks the beach

3. Why was Sophie given a preferred position in the concentration camp?
(a) her ability to take German shorthand
(b) her knowledge of English
(c) her knowledge of Spainish
(d) her knowledge of Europe

4. What does Stingo decide about his life during his visit with his father?
(a) that his father pressures him too much
(b) that he will never return home
(c) that he will, indeed, move back home
(d) that he misses his mother

5. What does Stingo think is the possible reason he is attracted to Sophie?
(a) because she has a cute accent
(b) because she has traveled so much
(c) because he he cannot have her
(d) because she's a blond

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the program Sophie tells Stingo about as a hope she had for her son?

2. When Sophie was working in the Hoss's household, where did she sleep?

3. How does Sophie feel about herself?

4. Stingo is called back to the boarding house from his trip. Why?

5. What does Stingo tell Sophie when he does poorly with sex?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe some of the differences between Sophie's stay at the Hoss's household and the way the rest of the camp prisoners lived.

2. Sophie's attraction to Dr. Dürrfeld is a metaphor which also came out in her dream. Explain this statement.

3. Why is Stingo concerned about Sophie's drinking?

4. What does Sophie say about her father in Chapter 9 that conflicts with her statements concerning him earlier in the book?

5. Describe what Stingo found when he followed Sophie back to New York and what happened after that.

6. Write a short paragraph about why Nat Turner is famous and why Stingo tells Nathan about him.

7. Describe what first happens when Nathan returns to the boarding house in Chapter 14.

8. Describe what happens between Sophie and Hoss when he receives a letter he wants her to translate.

9. What is Lebensborn and how did it relate to Sophie?

10. Describe the day Sophie was arrested.

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