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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Madame Bovary Nathan's favorite book?
(a) his brother wrote the book
(b) he likes the author
(c) because of its suicide motif
(d) he likes the character, Madame Bovary

2. Stingo receives a letter from his dad who tells him of what inheritance?
(a) a small farm
(b) a car
(c) a boat
(d) a million dollars

3. When did the Nazi soldiers enter Cracow?
(a) May, 1939
(b) September, 1939
(c) Spring of 1940
(d) Winter of 1940

4. Why is Nathan screaming at Sophie in the bar?
(a) he's accusing Sophie of lying about her father
(b) he thinks she's sleeping with Stingo
(c) he'saccusing Sophie of having sex with Dr. Blackstock's assistant
(d) he's angry she won't move to Tennessee with him

5. Where did Stingo's father get the money?
(a) from a robbery
(b) part of a severance package
(c) an inheritance
(d) from Stingo's brother

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Nathan view Stingo as far as Sophie went?

2. What did Stingo receive from his dad after he lost his job?

3. Why is Yetta yelling at Moishe Muskatblit?

4. What does Stingo's father suggest to him?

5. How does Stingo end up on his hot date with Leslie?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Sophie tell Nathan the first night they met about her background in the camp?

2. What happened the day the day the Nazis came to the university? How did Sophie know?

3. Describe the conversation Stingo and Sophie have in the park when they go for lunch in Chapter 6.

4. Describe Nathan's criticism of Stingo's southern origins. To what does he compare Stingo?

5. How does the narrator Stingo write of Leslie Lapidus?

6. What does Nathan do when he returns to Sophie's after meeting at the library.

7. Describe Stingo getting ready for his date with Leslie.

8. Why did the conversation with Nathan's friends on Coney Island fascinate Stingo?

9. When Stingo sees Yetta yelling at Moishe what goes through his mind about Jews?

10. Describe Stingo's feelings about his job and where he moved from to New York.

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