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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who assaults Sophie while living in the Hoss household?
(a) Bronek, the evil guard
(b) Hoss, the evil commandant
(c) Wilhelmine, the evil German maid
(d) no one

2. What does Nathan announce at the party about him and Sophie?
(a) they are getting a divorce
(b) they are getting married
(c) they are going to have a child
(d) they are splitting up

3. Stingo is called back to the boarding house from his trip. Why?
(a) Sophie has died
(b) Nathan has attacked Sophie
(c) a publisher wants his book
(d) his father is sick

4. Why does Sophie wake Stingo early in the morning at the hotel?
(a) to say yes to marriage
(b) so he could take her back
(c) to go get her a drink
(d) to make love

5. What does Sophie tell Stingo about his career?
(a) he should be a doctor
(b) he should move back home and be a farmer
(c) he'll never make money as a writer
(d) that he will be a famous author someday

6. What does Sophie say to Stingo when she tells him about begging Hoss on her knees?
(a) that prisoners were reduced to behaving like animals
(b) how she thought it would work
(c) she would have killed herself to save her son
(d) she would have slept with him the rest of her life to save her son

7. Who does Wanda tell Sophie to look for in Hoss's household?
(a) Havel
(b) Bronek
(c) Robert
(d) Marie

8. What does Stingo decide about his life during his visit with his father?
(a) that his father pressures him too much
(b) that he will, indeed, move back home
(c) that he will never return home
(d) that he misses his mother

9. Why did Sophie leave the party and take a taxi home?
(a) the talk of Hitler
(b) they were talking about concentration camps
(c) the talk of the Polish people turning against the Jews
(d) they are talking about their children

10. What does Stingo find out about Nathan?
(a) he's married
(b) he's a famous scientist
(c) he's dying
(d) he is a paranoid schizophrenic

11. Who is Irma?
(a) the owner of Monty's
(b) a friend of Sophie's at Auschwitz
(c) the hotel maid
(d) a bad German at Auschwitz

12. How does Nathan look at a possible trip south?
(a) as a way to research slavery
(b) as a way to cement his friendship with Stingo
(c) as a honeymoon for him and Sophie
(d) as a way for Sophie to remember Germany

13. What does Stingo tell Sophie when he does poorly with sex?
(a) he'll do better the next time
(b) he's shy
(c) he's so in love with her he couldn't wait
(d) he is a virgin

14. How did Sophie's husband feel about her father?
(a) he tried to kill him several times
(b) he thought her father was insane
(c) he fought with him constantly
(d) he was nothing more than a disciple of her father's

15. What does Stingo pretend to be at the motel with Sophie?
(a) a soldier
(b) a reverend
(c) a doctor
(d) Sophie's brother

Short Answer Questions

1. When Bronek tells Sophie Höss is about to be transferred, why does she panic?

2. How has Stingo reacted to Sophie's story about her son?

3. Why is Stingo reading books about the Holocaust so many years after he met Sophie and Nathan?

4. In Chapter 10, Hoss comes into the office in a fury and demands Sophie do what, immediately?

5. What does Sophhie beg Hoss to do?

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