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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Stingo tell Sophie when he does poorly with sex?
(a) he'll do better the next time
(b) he is a virgin
(c) he's shy
(d) he's so in love with her he couldn't wait

2. How does Hoss repond to Sophie's information about her father?
(a) he rapes her
(b) he screams at her
(c) he ignores it, worried only about his problems
(d) he sends her to be whipped

3. How does Sophie feel about herself?
(a) that she is favored by God
(b) that she is filled with badness
(c) that she's ugly
(d) that she's too smart for Stingo

4. At the beginning of Chapter 16, Stingo asserts one of his talents holds him in good stead on the train with Sophie. What is that talent?
(a) his fighting ability
(b) his singing
(c) his ability to talk
(d) his writing

5. How has Stingo reacted to Sophie's story about her son?
(a) he's going to join the army
(b) he feels like he won't be able to sleep
(c) he's excited
(d) he's not sure he believes it

6. What was Sophie comforting Dr. Blackstock?
(a) he lost his wife in Germany
(b) his wife was killed
(c) his son died
(d) his daugther was killed by a mugger

7. Where was Sophie's son sent upon arrival at the camp?
(a) the Children's Camp
(b) to Germany
(c) to Hoss's household
(d) back to Warsaw

8. What does Stingo worry about as a potential suitor to Sophie?
(a) worries about how to support her
(b) that he's from the south
(c) that he's not old enough
(d) that he's not handsome

9. How were the children at Auschwitz in the last days of the camp?
(a) burned
(b) froze to death
(c) shot
(d) gas chamber

10. Why was Sophie arrested?
(a) smuggling cigarettes
(b) smuggling a contraband ham
(c) helping Jews
(d) being a member of the resistance

11. What kind of musical instrument did Sophie's daughter play?
(a) the piano
(b) a violin
(c) a flute
(d) a tuba

12. What does Sophie say to his marriage proposal?
(a) she's not ready for that
(b) she would never marry him
(c) she'd love to marry him
(d) nothing, he never asked her

13. What is the program Sophie tells Stingo about as a hope she had for her son?
(a) a new program that looks for lost children
(b) a Nazi program called Lebensborn
(c) a Polish program giving scholarships to Poles
(d) an American program rescuing Jewish children

14. Why did Sophie believe her son might be saved?
(a) Jan was no longer in the Children's Camp
(b) she saw a picture in the newspaper that looked like him
(c) Hoss told her he'd adopt him
(d) his father came to get him

15. What is Stingo asked to do when he meets with the person from question #162?
(a) bring him home
(b) nothing
(c) keep a watch on him
(d) call the police

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Sophie's father admire most?

2. What does Sophie say to Stingo when she tells him about begging Hoss on her knees?

3. What does Sophie tell Hoss about her being at the camp?

4. What does Nathan announce at the party about him and Sophie?

5. What does Stingo think about Sophie's position in the camp working for Hoss?

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