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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Stingo find out about Nathan?
(a) he's married
(b) he's dying
(c) he is a paranoid schizophrenic
(d) he's a famous scientist

2. What does Sophie tell Stingo about his career?
(a) he should be a doctor
(b) he'll never make money as a writer
(c) he should move back home and be a farmer
(d) that he will be a famous author someday

3. Who is Irma?
(a) a bad German at Auschwitz
(b) the owner of Monty's
(c) a friend of Sophie's at Auschwitz
(d) the hotel maid

4. Where was Sophie's son sent upon arrival at the camp?
(a) the Children's Camp
(b) back to Warsaw
(c) to Hoss's household
(d) to Germany

5. What was Stingo doing during the time in which Sophie was sent to the camp?
(a) attending college
(b) finishing high school
(c) working on the family farm
(d) trying to gain enough weight to join the Marines

6. When did Sophie arrive at Auschwitz ?
(a) Passover
(b) Christmas Day
(c) Easter
(d) April Fool's Day

7. When Sophie and Nathan are leaving for a party, what news do they hear on the radio?
(a) Germany has started to fight again
(b) Hermann Göring has committed suicide
(c) the United States is declaring war on Russia
(d) Warsaw has been set afire

8. How did Dürrfeld feel about Sophie?
(a) he was attracted to her
(b) he hated her
(c) he thought her childish
(d) he was indifferent to her

9. Sophie helped Hoss with his work beyond what he required of her. Why?
(a) she fell in love with him
(b) she felt sorry for him
(c) she was trying to get him to see her as a person
(d) she wanted him to trust her so she could kill him

10. Why do Stingo and Sophie flee the boarding house?
(a) it's on fire
(b) Nathan is high on drugs
(c) Sophie has decided to marry Stingo
(d) Nathan is coming with a gun

11. At the beginning of Chapter 16, Stingo asserts one of his talents holds him in good stead on the train with Sophie. What is that talent?
(a) his fighting ability
(b) his ability to talk
(c) his writing
(d) his singing

12. What does Stingo think about Sophie's position in the camp working for Hoss?
(a) she was a traitor
(b) she was lucky compared to others at the camp
(c) she was a prostitute
(d) she was a bad mother

13. Stingo falls asleep on the beach. What does Sophie do?
(a) walks the beach
(b) takes a bus home
(c) swims far out to drown
(d) finishes the bottle of whiskey

14. What does Stingo tell Sophie when he does poorly with sex?
(a) he's shy
(b) he's so in love with her he couldn't wait
(c) he is a virgin
(d) he'll do better the next time

15. What music did Sophie often hear while working for Hoss?
(a) Bach's Cannon
(b) a Haydn symphony
(c) Wagner's opera
(d) The Everly Brothers

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Sophie's father admire most?

2. Who was Jozef ?

3. What does Nathan announce at the party about him and Sophie?

4. How does Stingo find Sophie and Nathan when he returns to New York?

5. When Sophie and Stingo leave for the beach what is Stingo's concern about Sophie?

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