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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Wanda tell Sophie to look for in Hoss's household?
(a) Havel
(b) Marie
(c) Robert
(d) Bronek

2. What did Hoss promise her?
(a) she would see her son
(b) she would go with him
(c) she would be released
(d) she would be reunited with her son and go with him

3. Why is Nat Turner famous?
(a) he shot Thomas Jefferson
(b) he led the underground railroad
(c) he was governor of Georgia
(d) he led a slave revolt

4. How long did the SS officer say Jews were allowed to live at the camp?
(a) three days
(b) two years
(c) two weeks
(d) three months

5. Where does Stingo go for ten days after the meeting in question #162?
(a) to Chicago
(b) visit an old Marine friend
(c) to Washington, D.C.
(d) to visit his father

6. How were the children at Auschwitz in the last days of the camp?
(a) gas chamber
(b) burned
(c) froze to death
(d) shot

7. Why did Sophie leave the party and take a taxi home?
(a) they were talking about concentration camps
(b) the talk of the Polish people turning against the Jews
(c) the talk of Hitler
(d) they are talking about their children

8. How does Hoss repond to Sophie's information about her father?
(a) he rapes her
(b) he screams at her
(c) he sends her to be whipped
(d) he ignores it, worried only about his problems

9. Why is Stingo interested in writing about Sophie?
(a) he thought it a fitting memorial
(b) he was still in love with her
(c) he wanted to prove Sophie's worth to Nathan
(d) she was a victim, but that she had also been an accessory

10. What does Sophie say to his marriage proposal?
(a) nothing, he never asked her
(b) she would never marry him
(c) she's not ready for that
(d) she'd love to marry him

11. Where does Sophie try to steal a radio?
(a) from Hoss's office
(b) from the kitchen
(c) out of Hoss's daughter's room
(d) from the housekeeper's office

12. When Bronek tells Sophie Höss is about to be transferred, why does she panic?
(a) it would stop her plan for her son
(b) she would be left at the mercy of the housekeeper
(c) it would mean she'd not see Bronek again
(d) it would mean she's have to go into the regular camp

13. What does Stingo decide about his life during his visit with his father?
(a) that he will never return home
(b) that his father pressures him too much
(c) that he misses his mother
(d) that he will, indeed, move back home

14. Sophie helped Hoss with his work beyond what he required of her. Why?
(a) she wanted him to trust her so she could kill him
(b) she was trying to get him to see her as a person
(c) she fell in love with him
(d) she felt sorry for him

15. What effect did Sophie's father's pamphlet have on his life?
(a) none, he was still killed by the Nazis
(b) it brought him into Hitler's inner circle
(c) it made Sophie admire him even more
(d) it saved his life, even though he still was sent away

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Sophie wake Stingo early in the morning at the hotel?

2. How did Dürrfeld feel about Sophie?

3. What is the program Sophie tells Stingo about as a hope she had for her son?

4. What music did Sophie often hear while working for Hoss?

5. What does Sophie tell Stingo about his career?

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