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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sophie say to Stingo's marriage proposal?
(a) yes
(b) are you crazy?
(c) that they live together first
(d) no

2. What does Nathan rave about in the motel in Connecticut?
(a) that the Jews are treated unfairly
(b) that he and Sophie must die
(c) that Germany should be destroyed completely
(d) that Sophie is a Nazi

3. Where was Sophie's son sent upon arrival at the camp?
(a) back to Warsaw
(b) to Germany
(c) the Children's Camp
(d) to Hoss's household

4. In Chapter 10, Hoss comes into the office in a fury and demands Sophie do what, immediately?
(a) she sleep with his superior office
(b) she get rid of his headache
(c) she sleep with him
(d) she translate a letter written in Polish

5. What did Hoss promise her?
(a) she would be released
(b) she would see her son
(c) she would go with him
(d) she would be reunited with her son and go with him

6. What kind of musical instrument did Sophie's daughter play?
(a) a tuba
(b) the piano
(c) a flute
(d) a violin

7. Why does Sophie wake Stingo early in the morning at the hotel?
(a) to say yes to marriage
(b) to make love
(c) to go get her a drink
(d) so he could take her back

8. How has Stingo reacted to Sophie's story about her son?
(a) he feels like he won't be able to sleep
(b) he's excited
(c) he's going to join the army
(d) he's not sure he believes it

9. What effect did Sophie's father's pamphlet have on his life?
(a) it brought him into Hitler's inner circle
(b) it made Sophie admire him even more
(c) none, he was still killed by the Nazis
(d) it saved his life, even though he still was sent away

10. What did Jozef do in Poland?
(a) kill people who turned in Jews
(b) nothing, he lived in Germany
(c) teach piano
(d) gather intelligence for the Nazis

11. Who was Jozef ?
(a) a guard at the camp
(b) Sophie's son
(c) Sophie's lover in Poland
(d) Sophie's father

12. What does Stingo think about Sophie's position in the camp working for Hoss?
(a) she was a bad mother
(b) she was lucky compared to others at the camp
(c) she was a prostitute
(d) she was a traitor

13. What does Stingo promise to buy Sophie?
(a) a car
(b) a record player
(c) a horse
(d) a nice house

14. How much money did Nathan give Stingo?
(a) a thousand dollars
(b) fifty dollars
(c) two hundred dollars
(d) one hundred dollars

15. What was the name of the pamphlet Sophie's father wrote about Poland?
(a) Poland's Jewish Problem: Does National Socialism Have the Answer
(b) Poland: A Land Ripe and Ready for Hitler
(c) Poland: The People and Country Compared to Germany
(d) Poland: How To Resist The Nazis

Short Answer Questions

1. Hoss called Sophie to a window to show her what?

2. How does Sophie feel about herself?

3. At the camp, who was Bronek?

4. What does Stingo decide about his life during his visit with his father?

5. How does Hoss repond to Sophie's information about her father?

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