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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Bronek tells Sophie Höss is about to be transferred, why does she panic?
(a) it would mean she'd not see Bronek again
(b) she would be left at the mercy of the housekeeper
(c) it would mean she's have to go into the regular camp
(d) it would stop her plan for her son

2. What was the name of the pamphlet Sophie's father wrote about Poland?
(a) Poland: How To Resist The Nazis
(b) Poland: The People and Country Compared to Germany
(c) Poland: A Land Ripe and Ready for Hitler
(d) Poland's Jewish Problem: Does National Socialism Have the Answer

3. Who does Wanda tell Sophie to look for in Hoss's household?
(a) Havel
(b) Bronek
(c) Robert
(d) Marie

4. What does Stingo find out about Nathan?
(a) he's a famous scientist
(b) he is a paranoid schizophrenic
(c) he's dying
(d) he's married

5. What does Sophie say about Nathan when Stingo and her are at Jones beach?
(a) she thinks he should come home
(b) she is tired of making excuses for Nathan
(c) she thinks he's wonderful
(d) she misses him

6. What effect did Sophie's father's pamphlet have on his life?
(a) none, he was still killed by the Nazis
(b) it made Sophie admire him even more
(c) it brought him into Hitler's inner circle
(d) it saved his life, even though he still was sent away

7. Who does Sophie dream about on her last night in Hoss' household?
(a) her son
(b) Professor Biegański
(c) Dürrfeld
(d) her husband

8. Where does Sophie try to steal a radio?
(a) from Hoss's office
(b) out of Hoss's daughter's room
(c) from the housekeeper's office
(d) from the kitchen

9. When on the subway to meet his father, what is on Stingo's mind?
(a) his old high school
(b) how to tell his father no
(c) the next chapter of his book
(d) mourning over the loss of Nathan and Sophie

10. How did Nathan say the thief who took Stingo's money got into Stingo's room?
(a) forced the window
(b) Stingo must have left his door unlocked
(c) used a spare key on the door
(d) came through the attic access

11. How much money did Nathan give Stingo?
(a) two hundred dollars
(b) one hundred dollars
(c) a thousand dollars
(d) fifty dollars

12. Where does Stingo go for ten days after the meeting in question #162?
(a) to Chicago
(b) to Washington, D.C.
(c) to visit his father
(d) visit an old Marine friend

13. When Sophie was working in the Hoss's household, where did she sleep?
(a) in the backyard
(b) in the basement
(c) in the attic
(d) in the washroom

14. What was Stingo doing during the time in which Sophie was sent to the camp?
(a) finishing high school
(b) working on the family farm
(c) attending college
(d) trying to gain enough weight to join the Marines

15. What does Stingo think is the possible reason he is attracted to Sophie?
(a) because she has traveled so much
(b) because she's a blond
(c) because he he cannot have her
(d) because she has a cute accent

Short Answer Questions

1. Who assaults Sophie while living in the Hoss household?

2. What kind of musical instrument did Sophie's daughter play?

3. What does Sophhie beg Hoss to do?

4. How does Nathan look at a possible trip south?

5. What does Bronek do for Sophie?

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