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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Stingo think about Sophie's position in the camp working for Hoss?
(a) she was a prostitute
(b) she was a traitor
(c) she was a bad mother
(d) she was lucky compared to others at the camp

2. When Sophie and Stingo leave for the beach what is Stingo's concern about Sophie?
(a) she's drinking too much
(b) she still pines for Nathan
(c) she thinks she should die
(d) she hasn't eaten breakfast

3. What was the name of the pamphlet Sophie's father wrote about Poland?
(a) Poland's Jewish Problem: Does National Socialism Have the Answer
(b) Poland: A Land Ripe and Ready for Hitler
(c) Poland: The People and Country Compared to Germany
(d) Poland: How To Resist The Nazis

4. In Chapter 10, Hoss comes into the office in a fury and demands Sophie do what, immediately?
(a) she translate a letter written in Polish
(b) she sleep with his superior office
(c) she sleep with him
(d) she get rid of his headache

5. How long did the SS officer say Jews were allowed to live at the camp?
(a) two years
(b) three months
(c) three days
(d) two weeks

6. What does Nathan announce at the party about him and Sophie?
(a) they are splitting up
(b) they are getting a divorce
(c) they are getting married
(d) they are going to have a child

7. What did Sophie's father admire most?
(a) all things German
(b) the United States
(c) intelligence
(d) a great symphony

8. What does Stingo find out about Nathan?
(a) he's dying
(b) he's a famous scientist
(c) he is a paranoid schizophrenic
(d) he's married

9. Who does Wanda tell Sophie to look for in Hoss's household?
(a) Havel
(b) Robert
(c) Bronek
(d) Marie

10. Why do Stingo and Sophie flee the boarding house?
(a) it's on fire
(b) Sophie has decided to marry Stingo
(c) Nathan is coming with a gun
(d) Nathan is high on drugs

11. Why is Stingo reading books about the Holocaust so many years after he met Sophie and Nathan?
(a) he's trying to understand southern racism
(b) he's trying to understand the Jewish religion
(c) he likes to irritate his father
(d) he wants to write Sophie and Nathan's story

12. What does Nathan rave about in the motel in Connecticut?
(a) that the Jews are treated unfairly
(b) that he and Sophie must die
(c) that Sophie is a Nazi
(d) that Germany should be destroyed completely

13. How does Sophie feel about herself?
(a) that she's ugly
(b) that she is filled with badness
(c) that she is favored by God
(d) that she's too smart for Stingo

14. Why is Nathan thinking about visiting the south?
(a) he has an uncle there
(b) he wants to confront the racism
(c) he wants to see Stingo's farm
(d) he enjoys Stingo's novel

15. What is the program Sophie tells Stingo about as a hope she had for her son?
(a) an American program rescuing Jewish children
(b) a new program that looks for lost children
(c) a Polish program giving scholarships to Poles
(d) a Nazi program called Lebensborn

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stingo worry about as a potential suitor to Sophie?

2. When Sophie was working in the Hoss's household, where did she sleep?

3. What was Sophie comforting Dr. Blackstock?

4. Who does Sophie dream about on her last night in Hoss' household?

5. When Sophie and Nathan are leaving for a party, what news do they hear on the radio?

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