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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Sophie feel about herself?
(a) that she's ugly
(b) that she is favored by God
(c) that she's too smart for Stingo
(d) that she is filled with badness

2. What was the name of the pamphlet Sophie's father wrote about Poland?
(a) Poland: How To Resist The Nazis
(b) Poland: A Land Ripe and Ready for Hitler
(c) Poland's Jewish Problem: Does National Socialism Have the Answer
(d) Poland: The People and Country Compared to Germany

3. Who calls Stingo and asks to meet about Nathan?
(a) Dr. Gover, a doctor of Nathan's
(b) Larry, Nathan's brother
(c) Henry, Nathan's father
(d) Nathan's mother

4. What does Sophie say about Nathan when Stingo and her are at Jones beach?
(a) she thinks he should come home
(b) she is tired of making excuses for Nathan
(c) she thinks he's wonderful
(d) she misses him

5. Why does Sophie wake Stingo early in the morning at the hotel?
(a) to say yes to marriage
(b) to make love
(c) so he could take her back
(d) to go get her a drink

6. When Sophie and Stingo leave for the beach what is Stingo's concern about Sophie?
(a) she still pines for Nathan
(b) she hasn't eaten breakfast
(c) she thinks she should die
(d) she's drinking too much

7. Where does Stingo go for ten days after the meeting in question #162?
(a) visit an old Marine friend
(b) to Washington, D.C.
(c) to Chicago
(d) to visit his father

8. What does Sophie tell Hoss about her being at the camp?
(a) that she was German and she shouldn't be there
(b) that her husband was German and she shouldn't be there
(c) that she was a spy for the SS
(d) she was sent there by mistake

9. When Sophie and Nathan are leaving for a party, what news do they hear on the radio?
(a) the United States is declaring war on Russia
(b) Warsaw has been set afire
(c) Germany has started to fight again
(d) Hermann Göring has committed suicide

10. When did Sophie arrive at Auschwitz ?
(a) Easter
(b) Christmas Day
(c) April Fool's Day
(d) Passover

11. Stingo falls asleep on the beach. What does Sophie do?
(a) walks the beach
(b) finishes the bottle of whiskey
(c) swims far out to drown
(d) takes a bus home

12. Why was Sophie arrested?
(a) smuggling cigarettes
(b) helping Jews
(c) being a member of the resistance
(d) smuggling a contraband ham

13. What does Stingo tell Sophie when he does poorly with sex?
(a) he is a virgin
(b) he's so in love with her he couldn't wait
(c) he's shy
(d) he'll do better the next time

14. Why did Sophie leave the party and take a taxi home?
(a) the talk of the Polish people turning against the Jews
(b) the talk of Hitler
(c) they are talking about their children
(d) they were talking about concentration camps

15. Where does Sophie try to steal a radio?
(a) from Hoss's office
(b) from the housekeeper's office
(c) from the kitchen
(d) out of Hoss's daughter's room

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sophie do when Nathan returns after being gone so long?

2. Who does Sophie dream about on her last night in Hoss' household?

3. What does Stingo worry about as a potential suitor to Sophie?

4. Where do Sophie and Stingo decide to go when they leave New York?

5. What music did Sophie often hear while working for Hoss?

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