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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Bronek tells Sophie Höss is about to be transferred, why does she panic?
(a) it would mean she's have to go into the regular camp
(b) it would mean she'd not see Bronek again
(c) it would stop her plan for her son
(d) she would be left at the mercy of the housekeeper

2. What was Stingo doing during the time in which Sophie was sent to the camp?
(a) attending college
(b) trying to gain enough weight to join the Marines
(c) working on the family farm
(d) finishing high school

3. Why is Nathan thinking about visiting the south?
(a) he enjoys Stingo's novel
(b) he wants to see Stingo's farm
(c) he wants to confront the racism
(d) he has an uncle there

4. At the camp, who was Bronek?
(a) the housekeeper at Hoss'
(b) Hoss' son
(c) a prison guard
(d) a member of the resistance group

5. How does Sophie feel about herself?
(a) that she is filled with badness
(b) that she is favored by God
(c) that she's too smart for Stingo
(d) that she's ugly

6. What does Sophie say is the reason Nathan treats her and Stingo so poorly?
(a) Nathan had a bad childhood
(b) Nathan has been on drugs
(c) Nathan is insane
(d) Nathan is a sociopath

7. What does Stingo think is the possible reason he is attracted to Sophie?
(a) because she's a blond
(b) because he he cannot have her
(c) because she has traveled so much
(d) because she has a cute accent

8. Why is Stingo interested in writing about Sophie?
(a) he was still in love with her
(b) he thought it a fitting memorial
(c) he wanted to prove Sophie's worth to Nathan
(d) she was a victim, but that she had also been an accessory

9. What does Sophhie beg Hoss to do?
(a) to let her go home
(b) to have an affair with her
(c) to take her with him
(d) to release her son, Jan

10. What did Jozef do in Poland?
(a) kill people who turned in Jews
(b) teach piano
(c) gather intelligence for the Nazis
(d) nothing, he lived in Germany

11. What does Stingo think about Sophie's position in the camp working for Hoss?
(a) she was a bad mother
(b) she was lucky compared to others at the camp
(c) she was a prostitute
(d) she was a traitor

12. How much money did Nathan give Stingo?
(a) two hundred dollars
(b) one hundred dollars
(c) fifty dollars
(d) a thousand dollars

13. Who does Sophie dream about on her last night in Hoss' household?
(a) her husband
(b) her son
(c) Professor Biegański
(d) Dürrfeld

14. When did Sophie arrive at Auschwitz ?
(a) Christmas Day
(b) Easter
(c) April Fool's Day
(d) Passover

15. Who assaults Sophie while living in the Hoss household?
(a) no one
(b) Bronek, the evil guard
(c) Hoss, the evil commandant
(d) Wilhelmine, the evil German maid

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stingo worry about as a potential suitor to Sophie?

2. What is Stingo asked to do when he meets with the person from question #162?

3. What does Stingo tell Sophie when he does poorly with sex?

4. What is the program Sophie tells Stingo about as a hope she had for her son?

5. What music did Sophie often hear while working for Hoss?

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