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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Stingo interested in writing about Sophie?
(a) he thought it a fitting memorial
(b) he wanted to prove Sophie's worth to Nathan
(c) he was still in love with her
(d) she was a victim, but that she had also been an accessory

2. What music did Sophie often hear while working for Hoss?
(a) Wagner's opera
(b) Bach's Cannon
(c) The Everly Brothers
(d) a Haydn symphony

3. Who assaults Sophie while living in the Hoss household?
(a) no one
(b) Wilhelmine, the evil German maid
(c) Bronek, the evil guard
(d) Hoss, the evil commandant

4. What was Sophie comforting Dr. Blackstock?
(a) his son died
(b) his daugther was killed by a mugger
(c) he lost his wife in Germany
(d) his wife was killed

5. When Bronek tells Sophie Höss is about to be transferred, why does she panic?
(a) it would mean she'd not see Bronek again
(b) she would be left at the mercy of the housekeeper
(c) it would stop her plan for her son
(d) it would mean she's have to go into the regular camp

6. What does Sophie tell Stingo about his career?
(a) he should move back home and be a farmer
(b) that he will be a famous author someday
(c) he'll never make money as a writer
(d) he should be a doctor

7. What were the two types of concentration camps in Poland?
(a) Polish and Russian
(b) Jewish and other
(c) the death camp and the slave labor camp
(d) male and female

8. Where does Sophie try to steal a radio?
(a) from Hoss's office
(b) from the housekeeper's office
(c) out of Hoss's daughter's room
(d) from the kitchen

9. What does Sophhie beg Hoss to do?
(a) to have an affair with her
(b) to take her with him
(c) to release her son, Jan
(d) to let her go home

10. What does Stingo worry about as a potential suitor to Sophie?
(a) that he's from the south
(b) that he's not handsome
(c) worries about how to support her
(d) that he's not old enough

11. When Sophie and Stingo leave for the beach what is Stingo's concern about Sophie?
(a) she's drinking too much
(b) she hasn't eaten breakfast
(c) she thinks she should die
(d) she still pines for Nathan

12. Who is Professor Biegański?
(a) Sophie's father
(b) a friend of Nathan's
(c) Sophie's lover in Poland
(d) Sophie's husband

13. How does Nathan look at a possible trip south?
(a) as a honeymoon for him and Sophie
(b) as a way to research slavery
(c) as a way to cement his friendship with Stingo
(d) as a way for Sophie to remember Germany

14. How did Sophie's husband feel about her father?
(a) he tried to kill him several times
(b) he was nothing more than a disciple of her father's
(c) he fought with him constantly
(d) he thought her father was insane

15. What did Jozef do in Poland?
(a) nothing, he lived in Germany
(b) kill people who turned in Jews
(c) teach piano
(d) gather intelligence for the Nazis

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Stingo reading books about the Holocaust so many years after he met Sophie and Nathan?

2. What does Stingo think is the possible reason he is attracted to Sophie?

3. What was Stingo doing during the time in which Sophie was sent to the camp?

4. Where was Sophie's son sent upon arrival at the camp?

5. What does Stingo promise to buy Sophie?

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