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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Sophie dream about on her last night in Hoss' household?
(a) Professor Biegański
(b) Dürrfeld
(c) her son
(d) her husband

2. Why is Nat Turner famous?
(a) he led the underground railroad
(b) he was governor of Georgia
(c) he led a slave revolt
(d) he shot Thomas Jefferson

3. How much money did Nathan give Stingo?
(a) two hundred dollars
(b) a thousand dollars
(c) fifty dollars
(d) one hundred dollars

4. How were the children at Auschwitz in the last days of the camp?
(a) gas chamber
(b) froze to death
(c) shot
(d) burned

5. What does Stingo promise to buy Sophie?
(a) a record player
(b) a nice house
(c) a horse
(d) a car

6. At the camp, who was Bronek?
(a) a prison guard
(b) a member of the resistance group
(c) Hoss' son
(d) the housekeeper at Hoss'

7. When on the subway to meet his father, what is on Stingo's mind?
(a) mourning over the loss of Nathan and Sophie
(b) how to tell his father no
(c) the next chapter of his book
(d) his old high school

8. What does Sophie say to Stingo's marriage proposal?
(a) yes
(b) that they live together first
(c) are you crazy?
(d) no

9. How long did the SS officer say Jews were allowed to live at the camp?
(a) three days
(b) three months
(c) two years
(d) two weeks

10. When Bronek tells Sophie Höss is about to be transferred, why does she panic?
(a) it would stop her plan for her son
(b) it would mean she'd not see Bronek again
(c) it would mean she's have to go into the regular camp
(d) she would be left at the mercy of the housekeeper

11. Where do Sophie and Stingo decide to go when they leave New York?
(a) to Virginia
(b) to Maine
(c) to Florida
(d) to Oklahoma

12. Who assaults Sophie while living in the Hoss household?
(a) Bronek, the evil guard
(b) Wilhelmine, the evil German maid
(c) no one
(d) Hoss, the evil commandant

13. Why is Stingo interested in writing about Sophie?
(a) she was a victim, but that she had also been an accessory
(b) he was still in love with her
(c) he thought it a fitting memorial
(d) he wanted to prove Sophie's worth to Nathan

14. How does Sophie feel about herself?
(a) that she's ugly
(b) that she is favored by God
(c) that she's too smart for Stingo
(d) that she is filled with badness

15. Why was Sophie arrested?
(a) smuggling a contraband ham
(b) helping Jews
(c) smuggling cigarettes
(d) being a member of the resistance

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nathan say he has found?

2. What does the doctor at Auschwitz tell Sophie about her children?

3. What does Sophie tell Stingo about his career?

4. What does Stingo decide about his life during his visit with his father?

5. Why is Nathan thinking about visiting the south?

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