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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Stingo's Jewish friends seem to him as a child?
(a) very smart
(b) strange
(c) perfectly normal
(d) unfriendly

2. Why was his picture there, the answer to question#71?
(a) it announced his arrival in New York
(b) it was showing pictures of Auschwitz
(c) it was showing many of the Nazis
(d) it was taken moments before he was hung as a war criminal

3. Who does Stingo watch from his apartment?
(a) his kid sister who lives down the hall
(b) the police, he's across from a station
(c) the comings and goings of bookies
(d) the woman who lives in an upscale home across the way

4. How do Sophie and Nathan dress after their fight?
(a) like 1920 flappers
(b) in matching riding outfits
(c) like American soldiers
(d) in the style of the 1930s

5. What does Nathan do that Stingo thinks is funny as they're walking down the street?.
(a) his actor-like talent at mimicry
(b) tells army jokes
(c) tells jokes about the Japanese
(d) teases Sophie

6. What does Stingo do on this first morning in the boarding house?
(a) bought writing supplies
(b) slept in late
(c) bought a small dog
(d) went to see Farrell

7. What happened to Stingo's old girl friend, back home?
(a) she was murdered
(b) she passed away from cancer
(c) she just died, by suicide
(d) she died in childbirth

8. What is Stingo's goal in life?
(a) to be a stockbroker
(b) to own McGraw-Hill
(c) to be a bank president
(d) to become a writer

9. From where had Sophie been released right before she met Nathan?
(a) as a prisoner of war in Japan
(b) in a state mental hospital
(c) in a state prison
(d) a Nazi concentration camp

10. What happened to Sophie in the library that made her faint?
(a) it was too hot and she was hungry
(b) she was pregnant
(c) a man yelled at her who looked like a Nazi
(d) she hadn't drunk enough water that day

11. To what later comedian does the older narrator compare Nathan?
(a) Steven Martin
(b) Lenny Bruce
(c) Bob Hope
(d) Laurel and Hardy

12. Where did Stingo obtain employment when he moved to New York?
(a) the publishing firm of McGraw-Hill
(b) Manhattan Bank
(c) New York circuit court
(d) wall street

13. How does Stingo respond to Nathan's racism debate?
(a) by saying no people should be condemned as a group
(b) by saying he was prejudiced against men who abused women
(c) by saying it wasn't his fault his parents lived in the south
(d) by telling Nathan he didn't know what he was talking about

14. With whom does Stingo have a date and how did he meet her?
(a) Leslie Lapidus, with whom Nathan had set him up
(b) Lynn Tuval, who he met her at work
(c) Susn Patril, who he met at the deli
(d) Debra Smith, who he met at church

15. Who helped Sophie with her health problems after she met Nathan?
(a) Nathan's brother, Dr. Larry Landau
(b) Nathan's father, Dr. Nathan Landau
(c) Stingo's friend, Dr. Larry Morgan
(d) Nathan's boss, Dr. Roger Calhoun

Short Answer Questions

1. What color is the Yetta Zimmerman's boarding house?

2. What does Sophie tell Stingo about how her life before the war was?

3. What does Sophie notice about Nathan's eyes when he's screaming at her?

4. Where do Stingo, Nathan and Sophie hang out to escape the summer heat?

5. Where did Stingo's father get the money?

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