Song of Solomon Character Descriptions

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Guitar Bains - As a child, this character's father was killed in a terrible industrial accident and his mother abandons the family when she cannot cope. Because his mother gives him candy after his father's death, sweets make this character sick.

Susan Byrd - This character lives in Shalimar and is not very helpful to Milkman the first time he sees this character because this character does not want her friend, Grace Long, to know about their shared ancestry.

Circe - This character is the woman who hides Pilate and Macon after their father's murder. This character works as a maid for the same family who killed the first Macon Dead and she hides his children in the Butler mansion in rooms the Butlers do not use.

Reverend Cooper - This character is a childhood friend of another character in Danville. This character's father made Pilate's...

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