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Part 1, Chapter 1

• Robert Smith attempts to fly to the other side of Lake Superior with handmade wings.

• Robert Smith dies from the fall.

• As a result of Smith's death, Ruth Foster is admitted to Mercy Hospital, which does not normally take black patients.

• Ruth lives with her husband Macon Dead who despises her.

• Macon Dead is a landlord who is doing well financially.

• Ruth continues to breastfeed her children in order to have more human contact.

• As a result of the prolonged breastfeeding, the son Macon is nicknamed Milkman.

• Macon Dead also hates his sister, Pilate Dead.

• Macon goes to Porter's house to try to get his rent.

• Eventually, Porter passes out and Macon takes his money.

• Macon hears his sister singing and is touched by the sound.

Part 1, Chapter 2

• The Dead family goes for a Sunday drive.

• Milkman grows to be 12 and has a 17-year-old friend named...

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