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Short Answer Questions

1. For how long had Einar trained his body before his climb out of the village?

2. Bethan, Delwyth, and Eira call a little corner of what type of natural feature their Tea Place?

3. What does Einar NOT list among the actions his father had never taken in his raising of Einar?

4. When Bryn gives birth to a healthy baby girl, what does Claire shout at Alys?

5. Alys and Old Benedikt tell Tall Andras that Claire cannot be wed until what condition is met?

Short Essay Questions

1. What advice does Alys give to Tall Andras when he expresses a romantic interest in Claire?

2. What is the significance of Claire's outburst after Bryn gives birth to a healthy baby girl?

3. What examples of Einar's father's abuse within Einar's story involve Alys?

4. What does Einar say about Claire's stated motivation for climbing out?

5. What does Alys tell Claire about the power of scent?

6. For what element does Trademaster agree to trade Claire's son and what is the immediate result of the trade?

7. What is the only thing Claire remembers from her past once she arrives in the village after fleeing the community by boat?

8. What is the relationship between Alys and Old Benedikt?

9. What does Claire decide to do in order to regain her lost memories?

10. What elements of the job of fisherman make it dangerous for villagers who undertake the position?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One of the genres the novel fits into is the coming-of-age genre. What are the author's main messages concerning adolescence and the process of growing up?

Essay Topic 2

Like many other bildungsroman books and movies, Lois Lowry's novel Son presents the loss of innocence as a theme. Trace Claire's loss of innocence over the course of the novel's narrative. What is the author's purpose for depicting Claire's, as well as other characters', loss of innocence throughout the novel?

Essay Topic 3

Many of the novel's characters undergo experiences that radically transform their lives, taking them far away from the expectations they have previously held. Analyze at least three characters' transformative experiences, the effects these events have on their lives, their methods for dealing with these changes, and ultimately, the author's purpose for including these types of disparities between expectation and reality.

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