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Short Answer Questions

1. When Claire sees the male Nurturer out on his bicycle, how many months has it been since they have seen one another?

2. Why are the Vessels given blindfolds as they go into labor?

3. What adjective does the receptionist at the Nurturing Center use to describe Sophia?

4. When Claire shows up again at the Nurturing Center, what reason is she given for being turned away?

5. One of the workers at the Fish Hatchery says that the only reason Dimitri wants a spouse is so that he can have what?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Claire feel about the river that borders the community?

2. What are the elements of Claire's plan to find Sophia, her acquaintance who has a job at the Nurturing Center where Claire's son is being held, and how does it work out?

3. What is Dimitri's explanation for why the community no longer has mammals?

4. How does Claire feel about her work at the Fish Hatchery?

5. How is the event of Claire's first encounter with her son portrayed by the author?

6. What criterion does Claire give regarding how the Fish Hatchery had been chosen as her workplace and how does the criterion differ from others who work at the Fish Hatchery alongside her?

7. From what building does Claire avert her eyes on her walk from the Birthmother Dormitory to the Fish Hatchery, and why?

8. For what reason are the Nurturers considering keeping Claire's son at the center for another year before assigning him to a parental unit?

9. What reason does Sophia provide for parental units wanting to receive their assigned children once they are a little older, rather than when they are infants?

10. When Claire declares that she hates her life, what aspects of her life does she say she despises?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The novel Son is littered with the use of sensory details, particularly after Claire's arrival in the village after fleeing from the community in which she was born. Discuss the author's purpose in including the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and tactile sensations associated with Claire's new life in the village.

Essay Topic 2

Like many other bildungsroman books and movies, Lois Lowry's novel Son presents the loss of innocence as a theme. Trace Claire's loss of innocence over the course of the novel's narrative. What is the author's purpose for depicting Claire's, as well as other characters', loss of innocence throughout the novel?

Essay Topic 3

The theme of power is one that comes up often within the novel's narrative, particularly in relation to the power wielded by the leaders of the community and their choice to control the actions of all community members. Other forms of power are present as well, such as the power Tall Andras assumes that he has over Claire upon her arrival within the village. Choose three instances when power is wielded by a particular character, organization, or group within the novel. Discuss how these instances help to shape the author's message regarding power.

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