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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the male Nurturer tell Claire would happen if he were to apply for a variance to try to adopt Claire's son?

2. When Claire sees the male Nurturer out on his bicycle, how many months has it been since they have seen one another?

3. What excuse does the male Nurturer give when leaving work early on the last day Claire's son is at the Nurturing Center?

4. What is the reason that the boat workers are forced to wait one full day after the boat's arrival in order to unload the community's supplies?

5. Where does Claire's son sleep when the male Nurturer takes him home at night?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Dimitri's explanation for why the community no longer has mammals?

2. What change does Claire see in Jonas between the time she sees him racing another boy on his bicycle and the time she sees him walking alone along the river?

3. What reason does the narrator give for all of the Fish Hatchery workers being fond of the director, Dimitri?

4. Upon finally seeing Marie on the boat, what questions arise in Claire's mind?

5. What is Claire's son's comfort item and what had hers been during her childhood?

6. What does one of the Vessels report it had felt like to cease taking the pills when she had been assigned the role of Birthmother?

7. What criterion does Claire give regarding how the Fish Hatchery had been chosen as her workplace and how does the criterion differ from others who work at the Fish Hatchery alongside her?

8. When Claire declares that she hates her life, what aspects of her life does she say she despises?

9. What is the cause of Dimitri's disappointment at the results of the Ceremony?

10. For what reason are the Nurturers considering keeping Claire's son at the center for another year before assigning him to a parental unit?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Many instances of irony are included in the novel's narrative, including the fact that Claire's preservation of her own life while climbing the cliff is dependent upon her killing of many baby seagulls within a nearby nest. Find three other instances of irony within the novel and discuss each instance's significance.

Essay Topic 2

Analyze the author's message regarding perseverance within the novel Son.

Essay Topic 3

Many of the novel's characters undergo experiences that radically transform their lives, taking them far away from the expectations they have previously held. Analyze at least three characters' transformative experiences, the effects these events have on their lives, their methods for dealing with these changes, and ultimately, the author's purpose for including these types of disparities between expectation and reality.

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