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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Three: Chapters 1-13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what reason is Gabe building a boat?
(a) So he can apply for a boatbuilding apprenticeship.
(b) So he can travel to find his parents.
(c) So he can sail to Tahiti.
(d) So he can enter the boat race.

2. When Claire goes to the school to pick up the biology posters, what is the reason that there are no children in the school?
(a) It is a Sunday.
(b) It is a Saturday.
(c) A fire drill is occurring.
(d) They have all gone to their volunteer jobs.

3. What reason does Sophia give Claire for the Nurturing Center staff not wearing nametags?
(a) She says the children are too young to read.
(b) She says the children are not allowed to know the workers' names.
(c) She says the children would grab at them.
(d) She says the pins used to affix the nametags could hurt the children.

4. Who does Jonas say must be responsible for destroying Trademaster?
(a) Kira.
(b) Jonas.
(c) Claire.
(d) Gabe.

5. Whose death provides Claire with a lesson about mortality before the death of Tall Andras's mother?
(a) Einar.
(b) Old Benedikt.
(c) An old fisherman who dies in his sleep.
(d) Bryn.

Short Answer Questions

1. What objects does Claire use to stop the bleeding of her wound?

2. When Jeanette mentions that everyone liked her father, she says he had been quiet, but what?

3. What reason does Einar give Claire for why she must start her climb in the nighttime?

4. When Claire is at lunch and is surprised at her table mate's comment that going into labor causes pain, what word does she tell her table mate had been used within her instruction instead?

5. For what purpose does the male Nurturer find out the name of Claire's infant son?

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