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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Two: Chapters 9-16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What keeps Claire from asking the boat worker the questions she would like to ask him about Elsewhere?
(a) She thinks that asking such questions is probably against the rules of the community.
(b) She thinks that asking such questions will make him think she is flirting with him.
(c) She thinks that asking such questions is rude.
(d) She thinks that asking such is probably against the rules of the boat workers' union.

2. What is the reason that the boat workers are forced to wait one full day after the boat's arrival in order to unload the community's supplies?
(a) They have arrived on Ceremony Day and the children of the boat workers always participate in the events.
(b) They must wait for the community's trash to be delivered to the boat before they can leave.
(c) They have to wait for gasoline to be delivered.
(d) They have arrived on Ceremony Day and every community member is busy.

3. What does the male Nurturer tell Claire would happen if he were to apply for a variance to try to adopt Claire's son?
(a) He would have to create a law allowing such a variance.
(b) He would be exiled from the community.
(c) His wife would apply for an annulment.
(d) He would have to add another room to his dwelling.

4. What item does Claire inadvertently lose during her climb out?
(a) The rock for signalling Einar.
(b) The herb salve.
(c) One glove.
(d) The water gourd.

5. What type of bird attacks Claire during her assent up the cliff?
(a) A hawk.
(b) An egret.
(c) An eagle.
(d) A gull.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what purpose does the male Nurturer find out the name of Claire's infant son?

2. Since giving birth to Bethan six years ago, how many children has Bryn lost before birth?

3. When Claire arrives, how old is Einar, the villager who tried to leave the village, but failed?

4. What task does Marie perform on the boat?

5. During what times does Claire take her walks in order to run into the male Nurturer with her son in tow?

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