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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Three: Chapters 1-13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the most severe injury Claire receives as a result of the bird attack?
(a) A broken arm.
(b) A cut on her neck.
(c) An eye swollen shut.
(d) A gash in her arm that reaches the bone.

2. What solution does Alys prepare that she hopes will help Bryn make it full-term in her current pregnancy?
(a) Blueberry leaf infusion.
(b) Strawberry leaf infusion.
(c) Marionberry leaf infusion.
(d) Raspberry leaf infusion.

3. In reality, who carries Claire from the water into the village?
(a) Einar.
(b) Alys.
(c) Tall Andras.
(d) Old Benedikt.

4. When Claire tells Einar that she wants to climb out, what is his first reply?
(a) No woman has ever climbed out.
(b) Climbing out is a death sentence.
(c) Trademaster will be waiting.
(d) She is not strong enough to climb out.

5. During what times does Claire take her walks in order to run into the male Nurturer with her son in tow?
(a) Before breakfast and after the evening meal.
(b) At sunrise and at sunset.
(c) After breakfast and before the evening meal.
(d) During lunch and after the evening meal.

Short Answer Questions

1. What pieces of clothing does Alys stitch from an animal hide so that Claire can keep warm in the winter?

2. With what malady has Tall Andras's mother been plagued for months by the time he creates the mommet?

3. To whom does Einar's father send Einar when his arm is broken after his fall from the fishing boat's mast?

4. What do the villagers call the act of leaving the village?

5. What reason does Claire give Alys for why her community had chosen to eradicate feelings of love in its citizens?

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