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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are flying south for winter?
(a) Swallows
(b) Sea gulls
(c) Canadian geese
(d) Swifts

2. What does Hank limit at the Snag?
(a) Talk about a strike
(b) His drinking intake
(c) His drug intake
(d) Conversation

3. What does Lee read in the hotel?
(a) Dostoevsky
(b) Comics
(c) Westerns
(d) Murder mysteries

4. What is Hank making it impossible for people in the town to do?
(a) Have fun
(b) Score drugs
(c) Make a living
(d) Set up families

5. Why does Lee go into town with Henry?
(a) To catch a bus
(b) To buy milk
(c) To talk
(d) To see a doctor

6. What is Jenny doing at the beginning of the chapter?
(a) Fortune telling
(b) Telling stories
(c) Singing
(d) Dancing

7. This section begins with a reference to _________.
(a) Country music
(b) Family love
(c) Echoes
(d) Suicide

8. Who does Henry banter with in the bar?
(a) Joe-Ben
(b) Indian Jenny
(c) Teddy
(d) Hank

9. What is Henry going to show Hank how to do?
(a) Shoot
(b) Fish
(c) Cut trees
(d) Talk to women

10. Simone get a gift of __________.
(a) A bible
(b) A dress
(c) Flowers
(d) A pipe

11. Lee moves into _________.
(a) A hotel
(b) The Snag
(c) Simone's house
(d) Indian Jenny's house

12. What tries to attack Draeger and Evenwrite?
(a) A bear
(b) Hank
(c) Dogs
(d) Bob cats

13. What does Draeger try to convince Hank to stop?
(a) Fighting
(b) Hunting
(c) Scabbing
(d) Looting

14. What is Viv massaging into Lee's back?
(a) Olive oil
(b) Sun cream
(c) Liniment
(d) Vinegar

15. Where is Evenwrite sitting and recalling his childhood?
(a) A diner
(b) The bath
(c) The Snag
(d) His bedroom

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Henry go into town to get?

2. What does Hank see in the window?

3. What does Hank drink at the Snag?

4. With whom does Willard have a secret affair?

5. What is the rat trying to crack open?

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