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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Evenwrite drives away on ___________.
(a) A bus
(b) A boat
(c) A motor cycle
(d) A car

2. What does Hank say is something to look forward to in the morning?
(a) Viv's lunches
(b) Going home
(c) The lunch conversation
(d) A beer

3. What has Viv added to the boys' lunch boxes?
(a) An apple
(b) A bow
(c) A napkin
(d) A dessert

4. Who is making notes in his journal?
(a) Hank
(b) Indian Jenny
(c) Lee
(d) Draeger

5. About what do the dance members argue?
(a) Dance movements
(b) The best looking gal
(c) Spelling
(d) Who was the first president

6. Lee arranges to accompany Viv to __________.
(a) Collect rock oysters
(b) Shop
(c) Fish
(d) Hunt deer

7. What happens to the house as the postman delivers the postcard?
(a) It explodes.
(b) Its roof blows off.
(c) The door falls off.
(d) A wall collapses.

8. What is the name of the main family?
(a) The Lockers
(b) The Stampers
(c) The Delawares
(d) The Smiths

9. What kind of hangover does Lee have?
(a) A marijuana hangover
(b) A love hangover
(c) A alcohol hangover
(d) An anger hangover

10. Who wants to fight Hank?
(a) Les
(b) Lee
(c) Biggy Newton
(d) Andy

11. Who does Joe-Bob imagine is roaming the woods?
(a) The boogie man
(b) His mother
(c) The ghost of his father
(d) Molly the dog

12. What does Hank crush?
(a) An aerosol can
(b) Les' hand
(c) A coke can
(d) A bug

13. Who is the only woman in town about whom the people do not make sexual comments?
(a) Indian Jane
(b) Jackie
(c) Viv
(d) Joanne

14. What is the name of the town's bar?
(a) Wag
(b) Lucky Parrot
(c) Snag
(d) Whipper

15. What does Viv make for them to drink?
(a) Coffee
(b) Iced Tea
(c) Cocktails
(d) Lemonade

Short Answer Questions

1. To whom is lee writing?

2. What is the name of the young man involved in the explosion?

3. What can Henry hear in the distance?

4. Where does Hank throw the bombs?

5. With whom does Hank ride across the river?

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