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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Viv show Draeger?
(a) Her handbag
(b) Her new clothes
(c) Her china
(d) A photo album

2. Lee arranges to accompany Viv to __________.
(a) Fish
(b) Shop
(c) Collect rock oysters
(d) Hunt deer

3. What can Henry hear in the distance?
(a) Hunters
(b) Hunting dogs
(c) Wolves
(d) A woodpecker

4. What does Hank say is something to look forward to in the morning?
(a) Going home
(b) The lunch conversation
(c) A beer
(d) Viv's lunches

5. What does Lee think is taking shape?
(a) His novel
(b) His dissertation
(c) His friendship with Viv
(d) His revenge on Hank

6. From what king of hangover is Viv suffering?
(a) A flirtation hangover
(b) An anger hangover
(c) An alcohol hangover
(d) A prozac hangover

7. What do the drunk customers complain about?
(a) The town
(b) Their families
(c) The bad times
(d) Lack of beer

8. Who is the only woman in town about whom the people do not make sexual comments?
(a) Indian Jane
(b) Joanne
(c) Viv
(d) Jackie

9. What kind of business does Jonas have in Kansas?
(a) Lumber
(b) Steel
(c) A Bar
(d) Oil

10. What has Hank hung from the window?
(a) A goat
(b) A human arm
(c) A chicken
(d) His brother

11. Who shouts Lee out of bed?
(a) Joe Ben
(b) Henry
(c) Hank
(d) Viv

12. In what country does Hank serve?
(a) Germany
(b) Vietnam
(c) Japan
(d) Korea

13. What does Hank recall in the boat?
(a) The bobcats
(b) An old girlfriend
(c) His Uncle Ben
(d) His childhood

14. Evenwrite drives away on ___________.
(a) A motor cycle
(b) A bus
(c) A boat
(d) A car

15. What is the name of Hank's wife?
(a) Joan Stamper
(b) Viv Stamper
(c) Joanne Stamper
(d) Freda Stamper

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the strange animal?

2. Lee try to talk to Viv about __________.

3. What do Hank, Lee and Joe-Ben kill?

4. What does Lee think he can exploit to hurt Hank?

5. What kind of animals does Hank tame?

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