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The Old Stamper Place

Several domestic scenes take place here including confrontation, recognition, reconciliation, revelation, and plain old mealtimes.

'Never Give an Inch'

The sign was originally a picture of Jesus but was painted over in garish colors by Hank whose actions represent the family's determination to live according to the demands of success and their dreams.

The Snag

This is the local bar and is the setting for several confrontations between the Stampers and the community.

Molly the Dog / The Bear

These two animals play out a hunter/hunted relationship similar to that played out on several levels throughout the novel.


These appear throughout the novel, in several manifestations. For example, the literal one awakened by the shouting logger.

The River

This is one of two principal manifestations of the novel's core symbol of water which represents the power and changeability of nature, of feeling, and...

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