Sometimes a Great Notion Fun Activities

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Write an Obituary

Choose a character from the novel and write his obituary.

Your Perfect Bar

Design your perfect bar.

Story Titles

With the class, write a list of the best story titles you can imagine. Choose one of the story titles and and use it to plan a story.

500 Words

Write the novel into a 500-word story.


Choose what songs you would put on a soundtrack that could accompany the story. At what points could the songs be played?

Letter Writing

Start a correspondence with someone using letters. It can be someone in class or even someone in another city.

Tourist Brouchure

Design a tourist brochure for Oregon.

Guess a Character

Choose one of the characters from the book and think about how he or she would look, walk and act in general. Find some clothes from home and bring them into class. The task is...

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