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Chapter 1

• Draeger drives to the Stampers where a crowd stands outside.

• Evenwrite gives Draeger binoculars and Draeger sees a mutilated arm hanging out of the window with its middle finger extended.

• Draeger drives to the Snag bag to meet Viv Stamper.
• Hank Stamper recounts how his family arrives in Oregon. They are tired of traveling around America.

• Hank's father, Henry, married a much older woman and she gave birth to Hank.

• Hank's grandfather sends him a plaque with the words "never give an inch."
• Hank's mother dies and Henry remarries a woman called Myra. She gives birth to Leland.

• There are hints that Hank and Myra had an affair which Henry does not not know about, but Leland does.

• Lee leaves home and is gone for twelve years until he receives a post card from his Uncle Ben saying Henry is ill.

Chapter 2

• At the Snag bar, the...

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