Objects & Places from Something Wonderful

Judith McNaught
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This is the small town where Alexandra grows up.


The estate which is Jordan's grandmother's favorite and where she prefers to live.


The largest estate Jordan owns.

Morsham Inn

Where Jordan first takes Alexandra after she faints from killing a man and saving Jordan's life.

Hawthorne Schoolroom

The room in this institution is where Jordan spent most of his childhood.


The capital of England and the city where the highest of Society gathers throughout the year.


The ship that Jordon was sold to by his kidnappers.

Fair Winds

The ship where Jordan and Alexandra stay on their first night in London.

Cottage in the Woods

Where Anthony's mother and brother make plans to kill Jordan.

Alexandra's house

This modest house is starting to fall apart.


The estate to which Jordan wants to send Alexandra, though she never makes it there.

Schoolteacher's Cane

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