Something Wonderful Fun Activities

Judith McNaught
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Hawthorne Estate

Create a map and drawing of how you imagine the Hawthorne Estate to look and be laid out.

Character Description

Write a physical, emotional, and relational description of your two favorite characters from Something Wonderful. Add a portrait to go along with your written description. Explain why they are your favorite characters and how they are similar to yourself. Characters to consider: Jordan, Alexandra, the Dowager Duchess, Anthony, Fawkes, Penrose, Filbert, Mrs. Lawrence, Monty, Bertie, Elizabeth Grangerfield, Smarth, Mary Ellen, Melanie, and Alexandra's grandfather.


Read another book by Judith McNaught and write an essay comparing and contrasting it to Something Wonderful.

History of Romance Novels

Research the history of romance novels and read one of the earliest and prepare a ten-minute presentation about the differences between the early one and Something Wonderful.

TV Reporter

Pretend you are a TV reporter and provide an on-scene report...

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