Something Wonderful Character Descriptions

Judith McNaught
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Jordan Addison Hawthorne

This character is a jaded man who believes all women are conniving opportunists who don't care about anyone but themselves.

Alexandra Lawrence

This character has stunning blue eyes and chestnut brown hair and is intelligent and hates to hide it.

Mrs. Lawrence

This character falls into a deep depression after learning of her husband's duplicity and is unable to take care of things for herself.


Alexandra's great uncle who is good-natured man, though seldom sober.

Alexandra's Grandfather

Alexandra's teacher and best friend after her father dies.

Dowager Duchess

A tough woman who is one of the most respected in London society.


One of Jordan's cousins who is very devoted to his grandmother, mother and brother, and is a kind man in general.

Mary Ellen

Alexandra's best friend who is a simple farm girl.

Anthony's Aunt

This character is very sweet with Alexandra, and...

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