Something Wonderful Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Judith McNaught
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Chapter 1

• Jordan is in bed with Lady Catherine Harrington and spies his mother out the window just completing a sexual liaison with Lord Harrington.

• Jordan mentions the fact to Lady Catherine, who says she already knew his mother is having an affair with her husband.

• Her seeming indifference shocks Jordan and only adds to his low opinion of women in general.
• Alexandra studies Socrates with her grandfather and discusses caterpillars as a side track.

• She hopes she is a caterpillar that will turn into a beautiful butterfly.

• Her grandfather points out that beauty is subjective.

• Alexandra is thirteen and still believes in the inherent goodness of humankind.

Chapter 2

• Nine years have passed since Chapter 1 and Jordan wounds a man in a duel over the man' wife's honor--Elizabeth Grangerfield.

• Jordan decides not to have sex with married women anymore.

• Leticia Bildrup thinks Elizabeth Grangerfield behaves disgracefully by chasing Jordan...

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