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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. How far do Will and Jim travel on the carousel together?

2. What happens in Chapter 31?

3. What does Halloway tell the boys about at the end of Chapter 38?

4. What makes Mr. Halloway laugh?

5. What do Will and Jim hide underneath?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mr. Dark want Mr. Halloway to do for him?

2. What does Mr. Halloway tell Will about being good?

3. How does Will call the witch back to their house?

4. What happens when Mr. Halloway shoots the witch?

5. How does Mr. Halloway break the mirrors in the Mirror Maze?

6. How does Will get Jim off the carousel?

7. Why does Mr. Halloway not want Will to cry?

8. What does Will tell his dad on the phone?

9. How does Mr. Halloway defeat the witch?

10. How does Will destroy the witch's balloon?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In 1983 SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES was made into a film starring Jason Robards. Why do you think the themes and ideas in the book were still relevant 25 years later? How did the filmmakers adapt the themes to fit in with the new environment? How did these changes affect the meaning of the story?

Essay Topic 2

Choose one of the following and examine how the carnival tries to take advantage of his/her fears?

1) Jim Nightshade

2) Charles Halloway

3) Miss Foley

Essay Topic 3

Pick two characters from the novel and discuss their goals and motives. Do they achieve their motive? Do they share similar goals and motives with other characters? Do their goals clash with other characters? How do the characters goals and motives affect their interaction with each other?

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