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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Will think being good involves?
(a) Believing in God
(b) Having a family
(c) Not smoking
(d) Being happy

2. What does Tom Fury help people do?
(a) Protect their houses from storms
(b) Feel good about themselves
(c) Use lightning for electricity
(d) Spend their money

3. What do the carnival people set up in the fields?
(a) Tents
(b) Totem poles
(c) Statues
(d) Rides

4. What is the man's suit made out of?
(a) Plastic
(b) Hair
(c) Skin
(d) Rubber

5. Where does Will find Jim when he disappears?
(a) The Freak Show
(b) At home
(c) The Mirror Maze
(d) The Carousel

Short Answer Questions

1. What wakes Jim and Will up?

2. Whose house does Will go to?

3. What kind of business does Mr. Crosetti run?

4. What do Will and Jim check out in Chapter 15?

5. What happens to the merry-go-round when Will flicks the switch?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Mr. Halloway kill Mr. Dark?

2. How does Robert react to seeing Will and Jim outside his window?

3. How do Will and Jim react when the salesman tells them the storm will hit Jim's house?

4. What does Mr. Halloway see when he steps out of the bar?

5. How do Jim and Will react differently when Robert invites them to come to the carnival with him?

6. What happens when Mr. Halloway shoots the witch?

7. What are Jim and Will's feelings about the Mirror Maze?

8. What does Mr. Halloway say about white hat and black hat books?

9. How do Jim and Will react differently to meeting Robert?

10. How does Mr. Halloway break the mirrors in the Mirror Maze?

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