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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the boy throw over Jim and Will?
(a) Mud
(b) Flour
(c) Sand
(d) Jewelry

2. Who does Chapter 3 focus on?
(a) Charles Halloway
(b) Will
(c) Mr. Dark
(d) Jim

3. Who does Miss Foley think the 12-year-old boy is?
(a) Her son
(b) Her sweetheart
(c) Her brother
(d) Her nephew

4. What does Jim say his name is?
(a) David
(b) Freddie
(c) Simon
(d) Jack

5. Who jumps on the merry-go-round?
(a) Mr. Fury
(b) Jim
(c) Mr. Coogar
(d) Mr. Dark

6. Why does Will decide to stay at the carnival?
(a) To find the little girl
(b) To speak to Mr. Dark
(c) To find Mr. Fury
(d) To ride the carousel

7. What does Jim decide to take off the roof of his house?
(a) The TV aerial
(b) The wind sock
(c) The radio aerial
(d) The lightning rod

8. What do Jim and Will usually use to communicate to each other during the night?
(a) Owl hoots
(b) A boardwalk
(c) Smoke
(d) Walkie talkies

9. What does the sign advertise?
(a) Cooger & Dark's Show of Horrors
(b) Cooger & Dark's Panda Show
(c) Cooger & Dark's Pandemonium Shadow Show
(d) Cooger & Dark's Moving Shadows Show.

10. Who do Will and Jim run into at the carnival?
(a) Mr. Coogar
(b) Miss Foley
(c) Mrs. Nightshade
(d) Mr. Dark

11. What do people see through the window of the fifth house?
(a) People kissing
(b) People taking drugs
(c) People undressing
(d) People playing poker

12. What kind of month does the author say October is for boys?
(a) A lucky month
(b) A rare month
(c) A fun month
(d) A scary month

13. Where does Miss Foley want to meet Mr. Halloway?
(a) The museum
(b) The carnival
(c) The library
(d) The police station

14. What have Jim and Will nailed into the ivy?
(a) Dead animals
(b) A rope ladder
(c) Iron rungs
(d) Boards

15. What does Will think that Mr. Coogar wants them to do?
(a) Cry
(b) Run
(c) Hide
(d) Go home

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jim tell his mother he never wants?

2. Who thinks about their lives at three in the morning?

3. What remains where the lady in ice once was?

4. What does the sign say on the merry-go-round?

5. Who does the author describe as being marbled with dark?

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