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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Miss Foley searching for?
(a) Her nephew
(b) Her mother
(c) Her sister
(d) Her boyfriend

2. Who stops at the empty shop window?
(a) Mrs. Nightshade
(b) Tom Fury
(c) Mr. Dark
(d) Mrs. Halloway

3. What does Jim tell his mother he never wants?
(a) A father
(b) A house
(c) A wife
(d) Children

4. Why are Will and Jim surprised by the carnival?
(a) It seems weird
(b) It seems evil
(c) It seems normal
(d) It seems happy

5. What does the boy invite Will and Jim to stay for?
(a) A game of darts
(b) Hot chocolate
(c) Dessert
(d) Lemonade

6. Where does the train stop?
(a) The town center
(b) A cornfield
(c) A meadow
(d) A ghetto

7. Who does the author describe as being marbled with dark?
(a) Mr. Dark
(b) Jim
(c) Will
(d) Mr. Halloway

8. Who does the boy yell for?
(a) The police
(b) Miss Foley
(c) Mr. Fury
(d) Mr. Dark

9. Where are the boy and Miss Foley going after dinner?
(a) The carnival
(b) Will's house
(c) The saloon
(d) The library

10. Who do Jim and Will hear talking?
(a) Miss Foley and Mr. Halloway
(b) Mr. Dark and Mr. Coogar
(c) Mr. Coogar and Mr. Tetley
(d) Miss Foley and Mr. Coogar

11. What does the sign say on the merry-go-round?
(a) Help yourself
(b) Enter at your own risk
(c) Do not enter
(d) Out of order

12. What does the boy throw over Jim and Will?
(a) Flour
(b) Sand
(c) Mud
(d) Jewelry

13. What happens when Mr. Dark turns on the electric chair?
(a) Mr. Coogar comes alive
(b) Mr. Coogar begins to laugh
(c) Mr. Coogar becomes young again
(d) Mr. Coogar turns to dust

14. Who wrote the Funeral March?
(a) Beethoven
(b) Chopin
(c) Mozart
(d) Haydn

15. How do women ensure their immortality?
(a) Through birth
(b) Through death
(c) Through laughter
(d) Through love

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Will describe his father's mood?

2. What disappointing thing happens to children in September?

3. Who thinks about their lives at three in the morning?

4. Where do Will and Jim find the 12-year-old boy?

5. What is William's surname?

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