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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Jim want Will to leave?
(a) He wants time on his own
(b) It is not safe
(c) He does not like him
(d) Mr. Coogar won't come out

2. What does Jim's mother want Jim to do before he leaves her?
(a) Buy her a present
(b) Give her money
(c) Make her laugh
(d) Say goodbye

3. What does Mr. Halloway think Jim will do when he sees the blows?
(a) Take them
(b) Laugh in their face
(c) Dodge them
(d) Give them back

4. What great thing happens to children in June?
(a) The summer begins
(b) The rain stops
(c) Baseball season starts
(d) The sun comes out

5. What kind of song does Mr. Halloway hear a man humming?
(a) A Christmas song
(b) A pop song
(c) A jazz song
(d) A folk song

6. How do women ensure their immortality?
(a) Through love
(b) Through birth
(c) Through laughter
(d) Through death

7. Where does Mr. Halloway go after the library?
(a) Home
(b) A restaurant
(c) A brothel
(d) A saloon

8. Why does Will decide to stay at the carnival?
(a) To ride the carousel
(b) To speak to Mr. Dark
(c) To find the little girl
(d) To find Mr. Fury

9. What does the piece of paper advertise?
(a) A car exhibition
(b) A new supermarket
(c) A book store
(d) Coogar and Dark's show

10. What does Mr. Dark say is Mr. Coogar's stage name?
(a) Mr. Livewire
(b) Mr. Electrico
(c) Mr. Sizzle
(d) Mr. Buzz

11. What state is Green Town in?
(a) Mississippi
(b) Illinois
(c) Kentucky
(d) New York

12. What does Jim ask Will to hold?
(a) His drink
(b) His bag
(c) His books
(d) His magazines

13. What celebration is happening in a week's time?
(a) Halloween
(b) Thanksgiving
(c) Christmas
(d) New Years

14. What does Will think really worries his father?
(a) His drinking
(b) His mother
(c) The carnival
(d) His job

15. What does Jim decide to take off the roof of his house?
(a) The radio aerial
(b) The lightning rod
(c) The TV aerial
(d) The wind sock

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the author describe as being marbled with dark?

2. What store does Mr. Tetley own?

3. What does Mr. Fury see banging on the shop window?

4. What does the boy throw over Jim and Will?

5. What does Mr. Halloway say men despair at?

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