Something Wicked This Way Comes Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does the prologue say about months of a year from a boy's point of view?

September is bad because school starts. June is the best because summer is just beginning. In October, boys remember sounds, sights, and smells of previous Octobers, as well as excitedly anticipating Halloween.

2. What story do Will and Jim tell the lightning rod salesman?

The two boys tell the lightning rod salesman how they were born not only a day apart but also two minutes apart. Will was born one minute before midnight on October 30, while Jim was born a minute after midnight.

3. What does the lightning rod look like?

When the boys refuse to buy a lightning rod, the salesman decides to give them one anyway. The rod is very heavy, covered with exotic pictures and writing.

4. How does the salesman find out whose house the storm will hit?

Will and Jim ask the salesman whose house the storm will hit. The salesman goes up to each house, closes his eyes and lays his hand on each house. After a long deliberation, he decides the storm will hit Jim's house.

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