Something Wicked This Way Comes Character Descriptions

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Will Halloway - At the beginning he is an introverted and thoughtful type. As the story goes on he becomes more and more part of the action and by the end of the story he is the hero.

Jim Nightshade - He seems to go wherever his gut feeling and intuition take him. In a sense, he is the dark side.

Charles Halloway - When the story begins, He is fifty-four-years-old and feeling alienated from life. He thinks that because of his age he can no longer connect with the joys of being alive that he remembers from his youth.

Mr. Dark - He possesses superhuman physical strength and the ability to psychologically manipulate and control people. He finally meets his match at the end of the book, defeated by a person's intrinsically good nature.

Mr. Cooger - He plays a very small role in the second...

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