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• The novel begins in October with the children all waiting excitedly for Halloween.

• June is a great month for children because it is the end of school and September is a bad month because school starts. In October things get exciting again.
• Halloween this year arrives early, on the 24th of October at 3 am

• The author introduces the two main characters, James Nightshade and his friend William Halloway. The next week will change their lives forever.

Part 1: Chapters 1, 2, and 3

• Jim and William are lying on the lawn when a lightning rod salesman approaches them. He tells them they should buy a lightning rod because a storm will hit their house.

• The salesman's name is Tom Fury and he predicts that lightning will hit Jim's house.

• Will convinces Jim to take a lightning rod and they put it on top of Jim's house house.

• Will and Jim go...

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