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Short Answer Questions

1. How many bodies were found still intact?

2. What motivated Joe as a child to excel?

3. How far off course was Flight 353 when it went into the ground?

4. Where does she take Joe next?

5. What does the recording reveal?

Short Essay Questions

1. What facts does Joe share with Barbara about the flight that he has so far withheld from her?

2. What surprises Joe about the information Barbara reveals about how the plane went into the ground?

3. What actually caused the crash and why is it so unusual?

4. What point does Barbara make that Joe hasn't thought of?

5. How does Joe counter her pessimism regarding the possibility that anyone could have survived?

6. Why do Infiniface members reveal they wear robes and shave their heads?

7. How do Rose and Joe escape?

8. Why is Barbara so afraid that she will reveal nothing to Joe on the phone and then won't even talk to him at her door?

9. Where are Joe and Nina on the two year anniversary of Flight 353?

10. In what five ways is SSW-89-58 rewarded for good behavior?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What similarities are there between CCY-21-21 and SSW-89-58? How are their beginnings related? Why are they valued differently by their handlers? While both are feared to some degree, why is only one is kept in a strictly controlled and isolated environment? What would the outcome of freedom for this subject be? How do the handlers ensure cooperation?

Essay Topic 2

What is survivor's guilt? How does it usually present? Who typically suffers from survivor's guilt? Are there any standard treatments available to sufferers? If so, what are they? If not, what can be done to help those who are affected? How long will survivors guilt typically last? Is this something that can be treated with therapy? Are there medications available to help sufferers?

Essay Topic 3

How are rage and grief linked? What associates these two emotions and why? Joe is barely in control of himself. How does this manifest itself? What indicators are there that point to a secondary causative as opposed to a simple response to the stimuli at hand? What steps does Joe take to attempt to bring this under control? Are these steps effective? Why or why not? Explain what Joe could be doing to help him through this time more effectively.

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