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Short Answer Questions

1. What terrible conclusion does Joe come to?

2. What saves Joe from possession?

3. What is Infiniface short for?

4. Who first accosts Joe and Rose on the beach?

5. What does Joe feel he should do right away?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what five ways is SSW-89-58 rewarded for good behavior?

2. How does Barbara try to keep Joe from taking false hope from the existence of the three seats found unscathed?

3. What facts does Joe share with Barbara about the flight that he has so far withheld from her?

4. What has time with Nina given Joe?

5. How does Joe warn Barbara and keep her safe at the same time?

6. What bombshell does Rose drop on Joe in the basement of Santa-Fe-by-the-Sea?

7. What surprises Joe about the information Barbara reveals about how the plane went into the ground?

8. How do Rose and Joe escape?

9. What point does Barbara make that Joe hasn't thought of?

10. What miraculous admission does Mercy make that gives Joe hope again?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What similarities are there between CCY-21-21 and SSW-89-58? How are their beginnings related? Why are they valued differently by their handlers? While both are feared to some degree, why is only one is kept in a strictly controlled and isolated environment? What would the outcome of freedom for this subject be? How do the handlers ensure cooperation?

Essay Topic 2

What is the company Teknologik? What is their purpose? Why are they described as a company that cannot fail? What kind of corporate structure does Teknologik have? How is the government involved in their operations if at all? What kinds of complications can arise from this kind of arrangement? Is the financial input available in this arrangement something that skews the results that may come from the company or its researchers.

Essay Topic 3

How does CCY-21-21 first exhibit signs that she is more than just an ordinary young girl with above average intelligence? What prompts the first action on her behalf? What tasks is she asked to perform to confirm her abilities? During the execution of these tasks, what other special gift comes to light? What happens when Rose finally allows CCY-21-21 to share that gift with her as well? What does Rose do as a result and why?

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