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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Rachel ask Mercy to do?

2. What other complication makes escape difficult for Nina and Joe?

3. What does Joe notice about Captain Blane's portion of the transcript?

4. Where is he finally able to meet with Rose?

5. How many cars are waiting outside the front gate?

Short Essay Questions

1. What miraculous admission does Mercy make that gives Joe hope again?

2. In what five ways is SSW-89-58 rewarded for good behavior?

3. What facts does Joe share with Barbara about the flight that he has so far withheld from her?

4. What surprises Joe about the information Barbara reveals about how the plane went into the ground?

5. Where are Joe and Nina on the two year anniversary of Flight 353?

6. How does Joe warn Barbara and keep her safe at the same time?

7. What does Rose tell the Infiniface group?

8. Why do Infiniface members reveal they wear robes and shave their heads?

9. How does Joe counter her pessimism regarding the possibility that anyone could have survived?

10. What actually caused the crash and why is it so unusual?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why is Barbara Christman so brutally honest with Joe as she describes the condition of the plane and the remains left behind? What is she hoping to communicate to him? Why does she feel that it is necessary to be so harsh? Is Joe in danger of losing himself to false hope when he finds the three seats that are still intact? What does he believe this proves?

Essay Topic 2

What single event gives Joe renewed hope and a reason to begin living again? What does he learn that changes everything, and brings him out of his year long depression? Who discloses the information to him, and what does he learn as a result of his continued investigation? Who does Joe believe he will have contact with again, and why?

Essay Topic 3

How does CCY-21-21 first exhibit signs that she is more than just an ordinary young girl with above average intelligence? What prompts the first action on her behalf? What tasks is she asked to perform to confirm her abilities? During the execution of these tasks, what other special gift comes to light? What happens when Rose finally allows CCY-21-21 to share that gift with her as well? What does Rose do as a result and why?

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