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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mercy remember most about the child?
(a) That her hair was raven colored.
(b) That she was blonde.
(c) That she was brunette.
(d) That she was a redhead.

2. How does Joe explain why Rose would have kept Nina from him for this whole year?
(a) To help her cope.
(b) To hide their survival.
(c) To keep her safe.
(d) For scientific purposes.

3. How did the two men who broke into Barbara's room convince her that they were serious?
(a) They showed her the tools they would use on her son.
(b) They revealed her son's schedule.
(c) They killed a person at random as they left.
(d) They showed her photographs of family.

4. What does Joe feel he should do right away?
(a) Call Barbara and warn her.
(b) Call the Post.
(c) Go to the police.
(d) Find a church.

5. Who caused the plane crash according to the voice recorder transcript?
(a) Captain Delroy Blane.
(b) A UFO.
(c) First Officer Victor Santorelli.
(d) A surface to air missile.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does this stun Barbara and Joe?

2. What is Infiniface short for?

3. What confession does Rose make to Joe before dying?

4. What does Mercy see as being even more sad than our view of life and death?

5. What other complication makes escape difficult for Nina and Joe?

Short Essay Questions

1. What convoluted route must Joe take for his meeting with 'Demi'?

2. What happens as Joe arrives in Los Angeles again that changes his elation back to fear again?

3. How does Joe counter her pessimism regarding the possibility that anyone could have survived?

4. In what five ways is SSW-89-58 rewarded for good behavior?

5. How does Joe warn Barbara and keep her safe at the same time?

6. What has time with Nina given Joe?

7. What facts does Joe share with Barbara about the flight that he has so far withheld from her?

8. Why does Joe believe that in the year that has passed, Rose has never tried to return Nina to him if she really had his daughter?

9. Where are Joe and Nina on the two year anniversary of Flight 353?

10. Who is Project 99's only success according to Rose?

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