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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What term applies to his stop there?
(a) Automatic response.
(b) Unconscious action.
(c) Searching behavior.
(d) Survivor's guilt.

2. What does the woman at Michelle and the girls' graveside say to Joe?
(a) "I'm not ready to talk to you yet."
(b) "I'm so sorry for your loss."
(c) "I know you still miss them."
(d) "I hope you heal soon."

3. What does Dewey tell him on his way out?
(a) The FBI wants to talk to him.
(b) He should come by more often.
(c) He has messages.
(d) He needs to sign out.

4. What kind of plane was it?
(a) 737.
(b) 727.
(c) 747.
(d) Twin engine, turbo prop.

5. Who does Joe run into in the newsroom?
(a) Rose Tucker.
(b) Wallace Blick.
(c) Randy Colway.
(d) Dan Shavers.

6. What does Joe feel obligated to do?
(a) Appologize to Wallace Blick.
(b) Go back to work.
(c) Go back to the cemetery.
(d) Discover the truth about the plane crash.

7. Where is Joe headed the next morning?
(a) Santa Monica.
(b) Santa Ana.
(c) Santa Maria.
(d) Santa Barbara.

8. Why is Joe annoyed by the two women who set up near him?
(a) He believes they are trying to pick him up.
(b) He believes they have misidentified him.
(c) He thinks they are too obvious.
(d) He thinks they are too vulgar.

9. What does Joe elect to do?
(a) Go to see Barbara in person.
(b) Look up more families.
(c) Find Rose.
(d) Give up.

10. What does she suggest Joe do?
(a) Speak with her in person.
(b) Talk to the current head of NTSB.
(c) Put it behind him and go on with his life.
(d) Come to see her.

11. What does Rose Tucker's note say?
(a) That her life depends on his discretion.
(b) That she wants to meet.
(c) That she is scared.
(d) That she is dying.

12. What does he suddenly remember as he reviews the events at the cemetery?
(a) The transponder.
(b) A meeting he is late for.
(c) He hasn't eaten.
(d) He left his cooler behind.

13. How did Bob's mother die?
(a) She eviscerated herself.
(b) She hung herself.
(c) She cut her wrists.
(d) She shot herself.

14. What do the men do when they see her?
(a) Call out to her.
(b) Give chase.
(c) Try to stop her.
(d) Try to photograph her.

15. What is Joe's thought as he drives away?
(a) The world has gone mad.
(b) Life is incomprehensible.
(c) He is losing his mind.
(d) The world is not the same as the one he was born to.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many siblings does Joe have?

2. How old is Joe?

3. What does Beth suggest Joe try to do?

4. Where does Joe go after leaving the Delmanns'?

5. What did she do first?

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