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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old was Nina?
(a) Six.
(b) Seven.
(c) Four.
(d) Five.

2. What does Joe feel obligated to do?
(a) Discover the truth about the plane crash.
(b) Go back to the cemetery.
(c) Go back to work.
(d) Appologize to Wallace Blick.

3. What does Dewey tell him on his way out?
(a) He has messages.
(b) The FBI wants to talk to him.
(c) He should come by more often.
(d) He needs to sign out.

4. Why does Joe call Dewey downstairs?
(a) To ask him to describe the woman who left the note.
(b) To talk about family.
(c) To invite him out for a beer.
(d) To see if anyone asked about him.

5. What is Joe hoping to find in the van?
(a) Keys.
(b) Information.
(c) A cell phone.
(d) Identification.

6. Who is second to die?
(a) Charles Delmann.
(b) Georgine Delmann.
(c) Rose Tucker.
(d) Lisa Peccatone.

7. What was her former position before retirement?
(a) Lead coroner for flight 353.
(b) Lead NTSB investigator for Flight 353.
(c) Head detective on investigation into flight 353.
(d) Head of councelling for victims of flight 353.

8. Where did Joe used to live?
(a) Laurel Canyon.
(b) Studio City.
(c) Angel Drive.
(d) Hollywood Blvd.

9. Who is Rose revealed to be?
(a) Joe's sister.
(b) Joe's aunt.
(c) Joe's sister in law.
(d) The only flight 353 survivor.

10. What happens as he leaves the cemetery?
(a) He is chased.
(b) He is followed.
(c) He is rammed.
(d) His rear window is shot out.

11. Where does Joe stop on his way to the cemetery?
(a) Beach house restaurant.
(b) Santa Monica wharf.
(c) Santa Monica beach.
(d) Santa Monica pier.

12. Who does he plan to visit?
(a) The Delmann household.
(b) The Vadence residence.
(c) The Feldmann family.
(d) The Cadence family.

13. When he calls the number Rose left in the note, what kind of meeting is set up and with whom?
(a) A blind date with 'Demi'.
(b) A drink with Rose.
(c) A luncheon with Juliette.
(d) A coffee with Octavia.

14. What did she do first?
(a) She called her family to say goodbye.
(b) She taped a goodbye.
(c) She baked bread.
(d) She stripped naked.

15. What is significant about the date of August 15th?
(a) It is his daughter's birthday.
(b) It is his wife's birthday.
(c) It is the first anniversary of the crash.
(d) It is his birthday.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does he do while he waits for articles to be printed out?

2. What is the mood at the Delmann home like?

3. What revelation occurs to him regarding his indifference?

4. What did he do there?

5. What does he fear?

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