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Laurel Canyon, California

Joe moves here after selling his home in Studio City, California.

The Los Angles Post

A possible competitor for the more prestigious LA Times where Joe and Michelle Carpenter are employed.

Culver City, California

This suburb of Los Angeles is where the home of Thomas and Nora Vadence is located.

Thomas Brothers Guide

This is a book containing every street map in Los Angeles County.

Malibu, California

Known worldwide for its sandy beaches and luxurious celebrity homes.

Griffith Observatory

This planetarium has been featured in many films and television programs since its construction in 1933.


This is a medical technology company concerned with scientific breakthroughs in the field of human genetics.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

This is the home of Barbara Christman, located near the crash site of Flight 353.


This is the airport that Flight 353 is bound when it leaves JFK International Airport in New...

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