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Short Answer Questions

1. How long will it take to receive a reply from Earth?

2. What does Kelvin say when Snow suggests Kelvin's "god" is mankind?

3. When does Snow say the experiment will be ready?

4. What does Snow say might happen if Kelvin leaves with Rheya?

5. Why does Kelvin make his argument?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Rheya lie to Kelvin about what she did during the night?

2. How does Snow describe Rheya's final moments?

3. Why does Snow want to give Kelvin a job to do?

4. Why does Rheya choose the method she uses to try to kill herself?

5. Why does Kelvin go to the library?

6. Why doesn't Kelvin want to open a communications channel to the shuttle he launched?

7. What book does Kelvin read in the library?

8. What metaphor does Kelvin use to describe trying to understand Solaris?

9. Why does Kelvin say he doesn't want Rheya to overhear his conversation?

10. What is Gravinsk's Compendium commonly used for?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The ocean of Solaris is an active force in moving the story forward, and yet that ocean is incomprehensible to humans.

1) How does the author make Solaris' ocean a character in the novel while retaining its unknowability?

2) Are the reader's expectations of consciousness reflected in the way the reader interprets the story? Does the reader "read into" the ocean, and see sentience where there may be none?

Essay Topic 2

Evaluate Rheya's individuality and separateness from Kelvin.

1) Why can't Rheya leave Kelvin's sight when she first appears, and why does she grow more physically independent the longer she exists?

2) Does Rheya merely reflect Kelvin's deepest memories, thoughts, and beliefs, or is she separate from him?

3) Does Rheya become an individual over the course of the story, or is she trapped into being a reflection of Kelvin's thoughts and memories?

Essay Topic 3

What does the novel say about unknowability? Discuss whether the nature of Solaris' ocean is knowable, based on external information, which is the only information available to humans. Discuss whether the nature of another human being is knowable, also based on the external information that is the only information available to others. Is it possible to truly know one's self, even though an individual is privy to his or her own private life? Use examples from the novel, and explain the author's point of view in your analysis.

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