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Short Answer Questions

1. What result does Kelvin note that Sartorius' experiment has?

2. How does Kelvin react to his strange dreams?

3. What does Kelvin want to do after he realizes Rheya is truly gone?

4. How does Rheya try to kill herself?

5. What does Rheya think might help her stay out of Kelvin's sight?

Short Essay Questions

1. What reason does Kelvin give for wanting to go off the station?

2. Why does Snow want to give Kelvin a job to do?

3. How does Snow describe Rheya's final moments?

4. How does Rheya sign her suicide note?

5. Why does Kelvin say he doesn't want Rheya to overhear his conversation?

6. Describe the ocean as Kelvin sees it, after leaving the research station for the first time.

7. What is Snow's response to Sartorius' new experiment?

8. Why does Rheya choose the method she uses to try to kill herself?

9. Describe a mimoid.

10. What reasons does Kelvin have not to tell Rheya what she wants to know?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss desire, shame, and secrets in the novel.

1) The scientists experience great shame about their visitors. Sartorius hides his visitor in his room. Snow hides his in a locker and never gives a hint of his, her, or its nature. Gibarian kills himself to prevent the discovery of his visitor by the others. Why do the scientists experience such great shame?

2) Kelvin desires Rheya, but he is also overcome with guilt and horror by her. Do the other scientists also desire their visitors at some level? What does this say about the relationship of desire and shame?

3) Why do the characters keep secrets from each other in the novel? Why do the scientists hide their visitors, even though the others can't know the deep-seated emotional connotations connected with those visitors?

Essay Topic 2

The ocean of Solaris is an active force in moving the story forward, and yet that ocean is incomprehensible to humans.

1) How does the author make Solaris' ocean a character in the novel while retaining its unknowability?

2) Are the reader's expectations of consciousness reflected in the way the reader interprets the story? Does the reader "read into" the ocean, and see sentience where there may be none?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss how Solaris' ocean can be seen as a metaphor for God.

1) Solaris' ocean creates a semblance of human beings, even bringing the dead back to life, at least on one level. In what ways can Solaris' creative power be compared to a god?

2) Solaris' ocean is beyond human understanding. In what ways can Solaris' unknowability be compared to a god?

3) Is Solaris' ocean in any way fundamentally different from a god?

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