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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kelvin think of Berton's account?

2. Who does Kelvin see by Gibarian's body?

3. What does Snow do when Kelvin asks about Gibarian?

4. How does Kelvin recognize Snow?

5. What happens if a visitor is injured?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Kelvin blame himself for Rheya's death?

2. Why does Kelvin react emotionally to the two sundresses on the floor?

3. Why do Sartorius, Snow, and Kelvin cover the cameras on their videophones?

4. Explain the term "no appreciable relation to reality" as the president of the committee uses it to describe Berton's report.

5. What reason does Kelvin give for his suggestion about the physical composition of the visitors?

6. Was Gibarian dead when Snow found him?

7. What does Kelvin do before removing his spacesuit?

8. Why does Kelvin take the Historia Solaris down from the bookshelf?

9. What does Snow say that mankind is seeking in outer space?

10. What is Snow's reaction to Kelvin's description of Rheya as a woman he once loved who killed herself?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Kelvin's character and what Kelvin learns from his experiences on Solaris.

1) Does Kelvin grow and change throughout the story? How does his relationship with Rheya change?

2) Does Kelvin gain a deeper understanding of himself, the ocean, or mankind? If so, what understanding does he gain, and how does he gain it?

3) Why does Kelvin decide to stay on Solaris at the end of the novel? What does he hope to find or achieve on Solaris?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Andre Berton's experiences on Solaris.

1) What are the meanings and implications of what Andre Berton saw? What do they tell us about Solaris' oceans?

2) How are Andre Berton's experiences related to the experiences of the scientists on the research station? Compare and contrast those experiences.

3) Why did the panel disbelieve and suppress Berton's reports of the instance on Solaris? What does this say about the failures of science?

Essay Topic 3

Kelvin has complex emotions about the original Rheya, and these emotions are further complicated by the appearance of a new, duplicate Rheya. Kelvin first destroys one Rheya in a panic, and then wants to save the next. What does Kelvin really want? Discuss Kelvin's ambivalent feelings toward Rheya.

1) How do Kelvin's feelings of guilt and love for the first Rheya affect his attitude to the duplicate Rheyas?

2) Is it possible for Kelvin to distinguish his feelings for the Rheya of Solaris from his feelings for and memories of the original Rheya?

3) On a fundamental level, does Kelvin want Rheya to be there, or does he not want her to be there?

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