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Short Answer Questions

1. When was Solaris first discovered?

2. What does Kelvin propose that the visitors are made of?

3. What book can't Kelvin find in Gibarian's room?

4. What damages Kelvin's face?

5. Who is the envelope Kelvin finds addressed to?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Kelvin's first view of Solaris.

2. Explain the term "no appreciable relation to reality" as the president of the committee uses it to describe Berton's report.

3. Describe the research station as Kelvin first sees it.

4. What does Kelvin feel as he goes into his room on the space station?

5. Why do Sartorius, Snow, and Kelvin cover the cameras on their videophones?

6. What aspect of clothing does Rheya have in common with the apparition Kelvin saw enter Gibarian's room?

7. Describe the person Kelvin is shocked to see go into Gibarian's room.

8. What do the scientists see when the cover falls off Sartorius' video phone?

9. Why does Kelvin blame himself for Rheya's death?

10. Who was the first human to die in Solaris's ocean?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss how Solaris' ocean can be seen as a metaphor for God.

1) Solaris' ocean creates a semblance of human beings, even bringing the dead back to life, at least on one level. In what ways can Solaris' creative power be compared to a god?

2) Solaris' ocean is beyond human understanding. In what ways can Solaris' unknowability be compared to a god?

3) Is Solaris' ocean in any way fundamentally different from a god?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Kelvin's character and what Kelvin learns from his experiences on Solaris.

1) Does Kelvin grow and change throughout the story? How does his relationship with Rheya change?

2) Does Kelvin gain a deeper understanding of himself, the ocean, or mankind? If so, what understanding does he gain, and how does he gain it?

3) Why does Kelvin decide to stay on Solaris at the end of the novel? What does he hope to find or achieve on Solaris?

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the novel Solaris, the ocean is depicted as a mirror that shows humanity, on some level, only a reflection of itself, perhaps without even realizing it.

1) Is it possible that Solaris has no real consciousness but is a kind of machine that throws back to the scientists images of their own minds?

2) Is humanity incapable of seeing in Solaris anything but itself, no matter what the truth of Solaris' consciousness may be?

3) Does Solaris show the scientists at any point anything beyond what's in their own minds?

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