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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does most of the panel interviewing Berton think of his story?
(a) They think he is making up the story.
(b) They think he was hypnotized by the ocean.
(c) They think it actually happened.
(d) They think he is hallucinating.

2. What happens if a visitor is injured?
(a) It remains injured.
(b) It vanishes.
(c) It regenerates.
(d) It disintegrates.

3. What does Snow say about Gibarian's mental condition?
(a) Gibarian knew he'd lost his mind.
(b) Gibarian never thought he was mad.
(c) Gibarian was constantly uncertain about his sanity.
(d) Gibarian completely lost touch with reality.

4. When did Kelvin last see Rheya?
(a) 6 months ago
(b) 1 year ago
(c) 3 years ago
(d) 10 years ago

5. Who led the first expedition to land on Solaris?
(a) Shannahan
(b) Gibarian
(c) Ottenskjöld
(d) Fechner

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dr. Messenger think that Berton saw?

2. Where does Snow say the visitor Kelvin saw comes from?

3. Who is inside Kelvin's cabin when he first enters it?

4. What is Kelvin looking at when he suddenly, intensely feels he's being watched?

5. Who was the first scientist to have a visitor?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Snow say that mankind is seeking in outer space?

2. What is Snow's reaction when Kelvin admits that he has had his first visitor?

3. Describe the research station as Kelvin first sees it.

4. Why does Kelvin blame himself for Rheya's death?

5. What does Kelvin feel as he goes into his room on the space station?

6. What is Kelvin wearing when he arrives on the research station?

7. What does Kelvin do before removing his spacesuit?

8. What reason does Kelvin give for his suggestion about the physical composition of the visitors?

9. Why do Sartorius, Snow, and Kelvin cover the cameras on their videophones?

10. Why aren't Berton's experiences related in the Supplement that Gibarian's note directs Kelvin to?

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