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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Kelvin's brainwaves recorded onto?
(a) film
(b) metal sheets
(c) punch cards
(d) magnetic tape

2. What does Kelvin suddenly decide to do?
(a) seal himself away from the station's windows
(b) take a helicopter to visit the formation
(c) bombard the formation with radiation
(d) take a shuttle into orbit

3. What is Kelvin looking for, that he thought about during the brainwave recording?
(a) a locket
(b) a scientific measuring instrument
(c) a picure of Geise
(d) a computer program

4. Whose voice does Kelvin hear in his sleep?
(a) Rheya's
(b) Snow's
(c) Sartorius's
(d) Gibarian's

5. What experiment does Sartorius want to perform?
(a) broadcast a message using binary code to the ocean
(b) submerge a radiation-emitting machine to kill the ocean
(c) submerge a machine that transmits brain activity in real-time
(d) broadcast a scientist's brain waves to the ocean

6. Where does the station travel to repeat the experiment?
(a) north, near the northern pole
(b) south to the equator
(c) north to the equator
(d) south, near the southern pole

7. Why does Rheya try to kill herself?
(a) She has talked with Snow.
(b) She has talked with Sartorius.
(c) She has talked with Solaris in a dream.
(d) She has listened to Gibarian's tape.

8. What does the voice warn Kelvin about, in his dream?
(a) The other scientists building a machine.
(b) The other scientists plotting to kill him.
(c) The other scientists leaving the station.
(d) The other scientists locking him up.

9. What does Kelvin tell Rheya about her blood?
(a) It is formless at a microscopic level.
(b) It is like his own.
(c) It is strange at a subatomic level.
(d) It does not last outside her body.

10. What decision does Kelvin make at the end of the novel?
(a) He will not leave Solaris.
(b) He will return to Earth and forget Solaris.
(c) He will remarry for Rheya's sake.
(d) He will take another mission on a far-off station.

11. When does Snow say that the visitors first appeared?
(a) after an explosion in Solaris's ocean depths
(b) after an explosion near the surface of Solaris
(c) after the scientists performed microwave experiments
(d) after the scientists performed X-ray experiments

12. Who is the second person Kelvin thinks of during the brainwave recording?
(a) Giese
(b) Gibarian
(c) Shannahan
(d) Berton

13. What does Rheya believe she was created to do?
(a) make Kelvin insane
(b) torture Kelvin
(c) study Kelvin's reactions
(d) study Kelvin's physical form

14. Where does Kelvin go after the experiment?
(a) Gibarian's quarters
(b) his quarters
(c) the library
(d) the shuttle bay

15. What does Snow offer to give Kelvin?
(a) a puzzle to solve
(b) some work cleaning the station
(c) some work constructing a computer
(d) some calculations to do

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Kelvin ask Rheya to wait while he visits Snow?

2. What does Rheya say when Kelvin asks where she went the previous night?

3. What kind of god does Kelvin ask Snow if he's ever heard of?

4. What does Kelvin awake to hear in the middle of the night?

5. How long do asymmetriads last?

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