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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Snow say that Sartorius is planning to cure?
(a) mankind
(b) thought
(c) immortality
(d) desire

2. What happens the following night?
(a) The ocean becomes deep green.
(b) The ocean level drops steeply
(c) The ocean's surface becomes hard and calcified.
(d) The ocean becomes phosphorescent.

3. What does Snow offer to give Kelvin?
(a) some calculations to do
(b) a puzzle to solve
(c) some work constructing a computer
(d) some work cleaning the station

4. What does Snow hypothesize is necessary for the visitors to survive?
(a) a constant influx of energy
(b) a way to recycle neutrinos
(c) a way to reform lost particles
(d) a constant influx of matter

5. What does Kelvin try to do after Rheya tries to kill herself?
(a) run away from her
(b) hold her
(c) choke her
(d) kiss her

6. What does Snow say that Kelvin is doing, which Gibarian also did?
(a) not shaving
(b) not sleeping
(c) talking too much
(d) reading too much

7. What does Rheya say when Kelvin asks where she went the previous night?
(a) She says he was dreaming.
(b) She says she looked out over Solaris.
(c) She says she's practicing being away from him.
(d) She says she visited snow.

8. What do Snow and Kelvin see in the ocean?
(a) an extensor
(b) an asymmetriad
(c) a mimoid
(d) a symmetriad

9. What does Snow do before visiting Kelvin?
(a) locks Sartorius away
(b) locks his visitor in a room
(c) ejects his visitor in a shuttle
(d) covers his visitor's face

10. How does Rheya try to kill herself?
(a) cutting her own throat
(b) walking out into space unprotected
(c) shooting herself
(d) swallowing liquid oxygen

11. What does Snow say their situation is beyond?
(a) civilization
(b) reality
(c) morality
(d) imagination

12. What makes Rheya nervous about Snow?
(a) He does not want to touch her.
(b) He yells at her.
(c) He looks at her strangely.
(d) He twitches all the time.

13. Where does Kelvin ask Rheya to wait while he visits Snow?
(a) in a closet
(b) locked in the shuttle
(c) in the corridor
(d) in his room

14. What does Snow say might happen if Kelvin leaves with Rheya?
(a) Rheya will disappear and reappear on the station.
(b) Rheya will turn violent.
(c) Rheya will disintegrate.
(d) Rheya will come to despise him.

15. Who is the second person Kelvin thinks of during the brainwave recording?
(a) Giese
(b) Berton
(c) Gibarian
(d) Shannahan

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Snow give to Kelvin?

2. What does Rheya believe she was created to do?

3. What does Kelvin suddenly decide to do?

4. How long do asymmetriads last?

5. What experiment does Snow want Kelvin to perform?

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