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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kelvin suddenly decide to do?
(a) take a helicopter to visit the formation
(b) bombard the formation with radiation
(c) seal himself away from the station's windows
(d) take a shuttle into orbit

2. Where is Rheya when Kelvin wakes up with a fuzzy head after being drugged?
(a) Rheya is in the bathroom.
(b) Rheya is missing.
(c) Rheya is in the hall.
(d) Rheya is in the shuttle.

3. What do Snow and Kelvin send to Earth?
(a) new data gathered from the ocean storm
(b) a report of the events
(c) a ship's log
(d) an electroencephalogram

4. How does Kelvin introduce Rheya?
(a) as his wife
(b) as a coworker
(c) as a friend
(d) as his girlfriend

5. What does Snow tell Kelvin when Kelvin regains consciousness after he finds Rheya missing?
(a) Rheya is locked away.
(b) Rheya is dead.
(c) Rheya is returning soon.
(d) Rheya is imaginary.

6. How long will it take to receive a reply from Earth?
(a) years
(b) hours
(c) days
(d) months

7. What does Rheya think might help her stay out of Kelvin's sight?
(a) being unconscious
(b) having a picture of him
(c) hearing his voice
(d) being hypnotized

8. What experiment does Sartorius want to perform?
(a) submerge a machine that transmits brain activity in real-time
(b) submerge a radiation-emitting machine to kill the ocean
(c) broadcast a scientist's brain waves to the ocean
(d) broadcast a message using binary code to the ocean

9. What are Kelvin's brainwaves recorded onto?
(a) magnetic tape
(b) metal sheets
(c) punch cards
(d) film

10. What does Kelvin say when Snow suggests Kelvin's "god" is mankind?
(a) Kelvin says he cannot imagine a god who is not mankind.
(b) Kelvin says every god is mankind.
(c) Kelvin says the god would be mankind plus the universe.
(d) Kelvin denies that he's talking about mankind.

11. What does Kelvin say he wants to do?
(a) travel down to Solaris's surface
(b) leave the station with Rheya
(c) leave the station alone
(d) complete the experiment with Sartorius

12. Why does Kelvin make his argument?
(a) Kelvin does not want to endanger himself, Snow, or Sartorius.
(b) Kelvin secretly believes all the visitors have rights.
(c) Kelvin secretly has a plan to destroy only Rheya.
(d) Kelvin secretly does not want Rheya destroyed.

13. What is the common perception of Solaris during the first period of Solarist study that Gravinsky identifies?
(a) that the ocean is completely inanimate
(b) that the ocean is alien to the galaxy
(c) that the ocean is a complex biological creature
(d) that the ocean is a lifeless chemical form

14. What does Kelvin try to convince Rheya of, after she tries to kill herself?
(a) that he knows how to kill her
(b) that she is the same as the real Rheya
(c) that he wants her to stay with him
(d) that he doesn't love her anymore

15. What decision does Kelvin make at the end of the novel?
(a) He will return to Earth and forget Solaris.
(b) He will not leave Solaris.
(c) He will remarry for Rheya's sake.
(d) He will take another mission on a far-off station.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kelvin say when Rheya asks if he would marry, if she were gone?

2. What does Snow do the first time Kelvin sees him after the experiment?

3. What does Snow say that Kelvin is doing, which Gibarian also did?

4. What does Snow offer to give Kelvin?

5. What does Snow give to Kelvin?

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