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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Snow say that the visitors first appeared?
(a) after the scientists performed microwave experiments
(b) after an explosion near the surface of Solaris
(c) after an explosion in Solaris's ocean depths
(d) after the scientists performed X-ray experiments

2. What do Rheya and Kelvin spend their time talking about?
(a) what has happened to Sartorius
(b) their future on Earth
(c) whether to leave the ship
(d) how to destroy Solaris

3. What does Snow hypothesize is necessary for the visitors to survive?
(a) a way to recycle neutrinos
(b) a constant influx of energy
(c) a constant influx of matter
(d) a way to reform lost particles

4. What do mimoids duplicate?
(a) living creatures
(b) distant objects in space
(c) other Solarian forms
(d) nearby innanimate objects

5. Where is Rheya when Kelvin wakes up with a fuzzy head after being drugged?
(a) Rheya is in the shuttle.
(b) Rheya is in the hall.
(c) Rheya is missing.
(d) Rheya is in the bathroom.

6. What odd action does Kelvin notice Snow is performing?
(a) standing only on one foot
(b) leaning carefully against a slightly ajar door
(c) holding his hand deep inside his jacket
(d) holding his hand inside a slightly ajar door

7. What does the voice warn Kelvin about, in his dream?
(a) The other scientists locking him up.
(b) The other scientists building a machine.
(c) The other scientists leaving the station.
(d) The other scientists plotting to kill him.

8. Where does Kelvin go after the experiment?
(a) the library
(b) the shuttle bay
(c) Gibarian's quarters
(d) his quarters

9. What does Kelvin say when Rheya asks if he would marry, if she were gone?
(a) He says he might marry, but not soon.
(b) He says he would never marry.
(c) He says he doesn't know.
(d) He says he would probably marry.

10. What do Snow and Kelvin see in the ocean?
(a) a mimoid
(b) a symmetriad
(c) an extensor
(d) an asymmetriad

11. Why is Kelvin uncertain about participating in Sartorius' experiment?
(a) He is afraid that Solaris will affect his mind.
(b) He is afraid the experiment will not work.
(c) He is afraid the scientists will use the experiment to destroy Rheya.
(d) He is afraid that he will unconsciously wish Rheya away.

12. What is Kelvin's mood following the experiment?
(a) elated and manic
(b) depressed and withdrawn
(c) apprehensive and disconnected
(d) angry and agitated

13. What kind of god does Kelvin ask Snow if he's ever heard of?
(a) an imperfect god
(b) a malevalent god
(c) an unconscious god
(d) a blind god

14. How does Rheya try to kill herself?
(a) swallowing liquid oxygen
(b) cutting her own throat
(c) shooting herself
(d) walking out into space unprotected

15. What are Kelvin's brainwaves recorded onto?
(a) film
(b) punch cards
(c) metal sheets
(d) magnetic tape

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kelvin say when Snow suggests Kelvin's "god" is mankind?

2. What does Kelvin try to do after Rheya tries to kill herself?

3. What does Snow think there is a chance for, based on their experiences?

4. What happens to Rheya after she tries to kill herself?

5. What makes Rheya nervous about Snow?

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