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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Snow do the first time Kelvin sees him after the experiment?
(a) He mutters to himself, completely ignoring Kelvin and Rheya.
(b) He stumbles into the kitchen and collapses on the floor.
(c) He walks into the kitchen area and falls asleep in a chair.
(d) He opens a can of meat and starts gobbling it down.

2. What can symmetriads contain?
(a) physical representations of logical reasoning
(b) geometric illustrations of principles of physics
(c) impossible physical forms that break laws of nature
(d) geometric illustrations of new types of pure math

3. Where does Kelvin ask Rheya to wait while he visits Snow?
(a) locked in the shuttle
(b) in the corridor
(c) in his room
(d) in a closet

4. How does Rheya try to kill herself?
(a) swallowing liquid oxygen
(b) cutting her own throat
(c) shooting herself
(d) walking out into space unprotected

5. During the period after the experiment, how does Snow communicate with Kelvin?
(a) not at all
(b) through tape recorded messages
(c) through secret meetings
(d) through notes or the videophone

6. Why does Rheya try to kill herself?
(a) She has listened to Gibarian's tape.
(b) She has talked with Sartorius.
(c) She has talked with Snow.
(d) She has talked with Solaris in a dream.

7. What does Snow say that Sartorius is planning to cure?
(a) thought
(b) immortality
(c) mankind
(d) desire

8. What does Snow say might happen if Kelvin leaves with Rheya?
(a) Rheya will turn violent.
(b) Rheya will come to despise him.
(c) Rheya will disappear and reappear on the station.
(d) Rheya will disintegrate.

9. What are Kelvin's brainwaves recorded onto?
(a) film
(b) punch cards
(c) magnetic tape
(d) metal sheets

10. What appears on Solaris' ocean fifteen days after the end of the experiment?
(a) a giant tower
(b) a perfect translucent red sphere
(c) a deep depression to the bottom of the ocean
(d) a mist and wings of foam

11. What happens the following night?
(a) The ocean becomes deep green.
(b) The ocean level drops steeply
(c) The ocean's surface becomes hard and calcified.
(d) The ocean becomes phosphorescent.

12. What does Kelvin say when Snow suggests Kelvin's "god" is mankind?
(a) Kelvin says he cannot imagine a god who is not mankind.
(b) Kelvin says every god is mankind.
(c) Kelvin denies that he's talking about mankind.
(d) Kelvin says the god would be mankind plus the universe.

13. What does Kelvin try to convince Rheya of, after she tries to kill herself?
(a) that she is the same as the real Rheya
(b) that he doesn't love her anymore
(c) that he wants her to stay with him
(d) that he knows how to kill her

14. What does Kelvin suddenly decide to do?
(a) take a shuttle into orbit
(b) bombard the formation with radiation
(c) seal himself away from the station's windows
(d) take a helicopter to visit the formation

15. Where does Rheya go while Kelvin's brainwaves are being recorded?
(a) She is locked in his room.
(b) She is locked in the shuttle.
(c) She hides in the corridor.
(d) She comes with him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the ocean do when it laps up against humans?

2. What makes Rheya nervous about Snow?

3. What does Snow tell Kelvin when Kelvin regains consciousness after he finds Rheya missing?

4. What does Kelvin try to do after Rheya tries to kill herself?

5. What third person does Kelvin think about during the brainwave recording?

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