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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When do the visitors usually come?
(a) when the station is facing the north
(b) while the scientists are sleeping
(c) while the blue sun is rising
(d) when the red sun is high

2. What does Kelvin keep in his wallet?
(a) a photo of Rheya in the woods
(b) Rheya's suicide note
(c) a newspaper clipping about Rheya's death
(d) a ring he gave to Rheya

3. Who was the first scientist to have a visitor?
(a) Sartorius
(b) Shannahan
(c) Snow
(d) Gibarian

4. What does Rheya remember about the time while Kelvin was in the bathroom?
(a) being alone and feeling frightened
(b) hurting her hands and screaming
(c) passing out on the floor
(d) feeling angry and enraged

5. Whose expedition was Berton on?
(a) Fechner's
(b) Ottenskjöld's
(c) Shannahan's
(d) Gibarian's

6. Where does Kelvin lock Rheya?
(a) in a closet
(b) in the shuttle
(c) in a locker
(d) in the laboratory

7. What damages Kelvin's face?
(a) a razor
(b) radiation from the ocean
(c) heat from the shuttle liftoff
(d) acid from the laboratory

8. What does Snow do when Kelvin asks about Gibarian?
(a) laughs
(b) cries
(c) faints
(d) screams

9. What does Snow call the visitors?
(a) Phi-creatures
(b) Psy-creatures
(c) Eta-creatures
(d) Gamma-creatures

10. What does Rheya's blood look like to Kelvin at a subatomic level?
(a) The subatomic structures are too precise.
(b) It looks normal.
(c) Kelvin cannot see anything at the subatomic level.
(d) The subatomic structures are irregular.

11. How long did it take for spacecraft to visit Solaris after its discovery?
(a) 45 years
(b) 5 years
(c) 30 days
(d) 100 years

12. What strange formation does Berton first see in Solaris' ocean?
(a) a city
(b) a mountain
(c) a solar system
(d) a garden

13. Who does Kelvin see in the hall on the way to his appointment with Snow?
(a) a small barefoot child
(b) Gibarian
(c) a large black woman
(d) Sartorius

14. What did the physicists at first consider Solaris' ocean?
(a) a pseudoorganic form
(b) a quasiorganic organism
(c) a complex plasmic mechanism
(d) a photopsychic form

15. What does Kelvin hear from inside Sartorius' lab?
(a) sounds of sobbing
(b) the sound of a child running
(c) the sound of breaking glass
(d) the sound of scraping furniture

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Snow say that Gibarian died?

2. Who is the envelope Kelvin finds addressed to?

3. What does Dr. Messenger think that Berton saw?

4. Has Kelvin met Sartorius, prior to arriving at the research station?

5. What book can't Kelvin find in Gibarian's room?

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