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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What strange formation does Berton first see in Solaris' ocean?
(a) a solar system
(b) a city
(c) a mountain
(d) a garden

2. Has Kelvin met Sartorius, prior to arriving at the research station?
(a) No, he's never seen Sartorius.
(b) Yes, he's met Sartorius once, briefly.
(c) Yes, he knew Sartorius well, once.
(d) No, but he's seen pictures of Sartorius.

3. What book can't Kelvin find in Gibarian's room?
(a) The Big Lie of Solaris
(b) The Little Apocrypha
(c) The Imposturia
(d) The Lost Solarian Truth

4. In whose handwriting is the envelope Kelvin finds addressed?
(a) Snow's
(b) Sartorius's
(c) Gibarian's
(d) Rheya's

5. Where does Snow say that Sartorius is?
(a) in the laboratory
(b) in his quarters
(c) in the kitchen
(d) on the planet's surface

6. What does Rheya's blood look like to Kelvin at a subatomic level?
(a) The subatomic structures are irregular.
(b) The subatomic structures are too precise.
(c) Kelvin cannot see anything at the subatomic level.
(d) It looks normal.

7. What does Kelvin give Rheya?
(a) brandy
(b) sleeping pills
(c) tea
(d) poison

8. How does Kelvin feel when he sees the two dresses on the floor?
(a) hysterical
(b) grateful
(c) relieved
(d) horrified

9. How long does Kelvin tell Rheya they will stay on the station?
(a) about a month
(b) a few days
(c) forever
(d) a long time

10. In Gibarian's room, what does Kelvin discover the scientists have been directing at the ocean?
(a) X-rays
(b) gamma rays
(c) proton streams
(d) tachyon particles

11. What does Kelvin do when he hears someone coming down the hall while he's in Gibarian's room?
(a) He leaves his room by a second exit.
(b) He goes outside to see who is there.
(c) He holds the door handle so it can't be opened.
(d) He calls out to ask who's out there.

12. What does Rheya remember about the time while Kelvin was in the bathroom?
(a) passing out on the floor
(b) being alone and feeling frightened
(c) feeling angry and enraged
(d) hurting her hands and screaming

13. Where are most of the rocky islands of Solaris located?
(a) at the extreme north pole
(b) in the southern hemisphere
(c) in the northern hemisphere
(d) at the extreme south pole

14. Who led the first preliminary study of Solaris, one which did not land on the surface?
(a) Shannahan
(b) Ottenskjöld
(c) Fechner
(d) Gibarian

15. Who led the first expedition to land on Solaris?
(a) Ottenskjöld
(b) Shannahan
(c) Fechner
(d) Gibarian

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the biologists at first consider Solaris' ocean?

2. What does Snow tell Kelvin when he asks about Sartorius?

3. How did Rheya die?

4. What was Berton's condition when he returned from the search?

5. How does Kelvin know his way around the space station?

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