Solaris Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why is Kelvin surprised by his greeting when he approaches the research station?

Workers on board research stations are usually anxious to greet new arrivals, so Kelvin is surprised to be greeted by robots and to find no one awaiting him when he lands.

2. Describe Kelvin's first view of Solaris.

Kelvin misses the first view of Solaris as it comes into view from his capsule, but he sees the planet Solaris with its vast ocean from a great height as his capsule approaches.

3. Describe the research station as Kelvin first sees it.

When Kelvin disembarks from his capsule, the station appears empty and in disarray. Oil has spilled out from oil drums, and footprints are smeared in the oil. Torn paper is tossed over the oil drums.

4. Describe Snow.

Snow is wearing a mesh shirt and has gray hair on his sunken chest. He is wearing mechanic's trousers that are stained and burned. His face is sunburned, and his eyes are bloodshot.

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