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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14, The Old Mimoid.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What damages Kelvin's face?
(a) radiation from the ocean
(b) acid from the laboratory
(c) heat from the shuttle liftoff
(d) a razor

2. Where does Kelvin go after the experiment?
(a) the library
(b) the shuttle bay
(c) his quarters
(d) Gibarian's quarters

3. What do Snow and Kelvin send to Earth?
(a) a report of the events
(b) a ship's log
(c) new data gathered from the ocean storm
(d) an electroencephalogram

4. What do Rheya and Kelvin need when the sun rises?
(a) sunscreen
(b) dark glasses
(c) wide-brimmed hats
(d) helmets

5. What appears on Solaris' ocean fifteen days after the end of the experiment?
(a) a deep depression to the bottom of the ocean
(b) a giant tower
(c) a mist and wings of foam
(d) a perfect translucent red sphere

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Snow and Kelvin see in the ocean?

2. Whose voice speaks to Kelvin in the capsule to prepare him for landing?

3. How does Rheya try to kill herself?

4. When was Solaris first discovered?

5. What does Kelvin find in his pocket?

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