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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12, The Dreams.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rheya feel compelled to do?
(a) go to Solaris's ocean
(b) keep Solaris's ocean in sight
(c) stay nearby Kelvin
(d) talk to Kelvin constantly

2. Where does the station travel to repeat the experiment?
(a) north, near the northern pole
(b) south to the equator
(c) north to the equator
(d) south, near the southern pole

3. What is the matter with Rheya's clothes?
(a) The cloth is supernaturally strong.
(b) They seem grown onto her skin.
(c) They don't fit correctly.
(d) They have no zipper or buttons.

4. How does Kelvin recognize Snow?
(a) by his voice
(b) from his photograph
(c) from meeting him on Earth
(d) from news reports

5. What did Kelvin's thesis compare?
(a) wave movement on the ocean of Solaris with electrical and chemical movement within the human brain
(b) formations in Solaris's ocean with patterns of electrical impulse in the human brain
(c) electrical activity in Solaris's ocean with electrical activity of emotions in the human brain
(d) patterns of sound in Solaris's ocean wth patters of sound of human speech

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Snow say that Gibarian died?

2. Where has Snow put Gibarian's body?

3. What is Kelvin looking at when he suddenly, intensely feels he's being watched?

4. How does Kelvin plan to test his own sanity?

5. What does Kelvin find in his pocket?

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