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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, Sartorius.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What startles Kelvin as he's getting out of his spacesuit?
(a) someone he thinks is Rheya passing in the hall
(b) his reflection in the mirror
(c) Sartorius calling out
(d) a cat hiding under the bed

2. Where did Fechner's body end up?
(a) in the ocean of Solaris
(b) strapped into Fechner's chair
(c) on the space station
(d) floating in the atmophere

3. How does Snow say that Gibarian died?
(a) an accident
(b) murder
(c) a heart attack
(d) suicide

4. Why does Sartorius agree to come out?
(a) Kelvin says that a shuttle has come to take them away.
(b) Kelvin threatens to turn off the air.
(c) Kelvin threatens to break down the door.
(d) Kelvin tells Sartorius about the visitor he's seen.

5. What did the biologists at first consider Solaris' ocean?
(a) an advanced life form
(b) a prebiological cell
(c) a disembodied neural system
(d) inorganic

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose voice speaks to Kelvin in the capsule to prepare him for landing?

2. What does Kelvin do when he hears someone coming down the hall while he's in Gibarian's room?

3. Who does Kelvin see in the hall on the way to his appointment with Snow?

4. Who led the first preliminary study of Solaris, one which did not land on the surface?

5. What does Kelvin find underlined in a book?

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