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Solaris Globe

Create a globe of the planet Solaris, marking islands, painting the ocean, and including examples of the structures the ocean creates. The base of the globe could be papier mache built around a ball or balloon.

Fechner's Garden

Create a picture or a three-dimensional model of the garden that Solaris created from Fechner's memories.

Rheya's Suicide Note

Kelvin carries Rheya's suicide note. Recreate the note, from what you know of Rheya and of her relationship with Kelvin.

Kelvin's Journal

Create a personal journal written by Kelvin of the few days leading up to and following Rheya's suicide. Include Kelvin's feelings and reactions at the time, as well as the events that were happening.

Travel Poster and Brochure for Solaris

An enterprising space-hotel chain is creating a luxury resort orbiting Solaris. Create a travel poster and brochure for this luxury resort. Include drawings or pictures from magazines...

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