Solaris Character Descriptions

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Kris Kelvin

This character, the book's narrator, is a psychologist who studies the planet Solaris. This person travels to the space station above Solaris and is soon visited by his own demon, an imitation of his lover who committed suicide.


This character is an imitation of a nineteen-year-old who committed suicide because of a love affair. A projection of the main character's memory, this person is made real by the ocean of Solaris through unknown means and for unknown reasons.

Dr. Gibarian

This character was a Solarist, a scientist studying the planet Solaris, and he was in charge of Station Solaris. This character has committed suicide, apparently, and the body is being kept in the station's deep freeze, where it is watched over by a large black woman clothed only in a native skirt.

Dr. Snow

This character is a Solarist whose specialty is cybernetics. This character...

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