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Chapter 1, The Arrival

• Kelvin, a scientist from Earth, lands on the Solaris research station and finds it in disarray.
• Kelvin sees Snow, one of the scientists, and Snow at first seems terrified of Kelvin, not realizing who he is.
• Snow tells Kelvin Gibarian is dead and gives a mysterious warning about seeing a stranger on the station.

Chapter 2, The Solarists

• Kelvin goes to his room to rest and clean up.
• To pass the time before meeting Snow again, Kevin reads about the history of the discovery and study of Solaris' potentially sentient ocean.
• Kelvin stops in Gibarian's room and learns that the scientists were bombarding Solaris with X-rays as an experiment.

Chapter 3, The Visitors

• Kelvin finds a note from Gibarian, referring him to two books about Solaris. He also finds a tape recorder that he takes from Gibarian's room.
• Exiting Gibarian's room, Kelvin sees a giant half-naked black...

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