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Create a crossword puzzle with at least 25 clues. Each clue should be a person, idea, or place from the book.


Create a MySpace page for the author (on paper). This entails researching who the author was, as well as including information on his beliefs as presented in the book.

Dictionary of Terms

There are a lot of specific terms used in this book. Create a dictionary of terms, including their definitions, for other people to use while reading this book.

Re-write Book Backside Summary

Most books have a summary of the book on the back, or on the inside flap, to help a reader understand what the book is about. Re-write (or write if it is missing) a summary for the back of this book.

2008 Presidential Election News Article Review

Read two news articles about the 2008 Presidential election and decide what elements of Rousseau's theories are...

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