The Social Contract Character Descriptions

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The Author

This person, who lived and wrote in France in the mid-1700's, is regarded as one of the greatest philosophers in history.


This person is one of several earlier writers on the philosophy of politics and government referred to in this book.

Hobbes, Caligula, Aristotle, Plato

These people include a European philosopher, a despotic Roman emperor, and Ancient Greek philosophers whose theories are developed or argued with by the author.


In Book 4, Chapter 4 this person--an administrator who devised and implemented the socio-political divisions within the ancient city of Rome that enabled it to function efficiently, is described.

The Citizen

This person is a freethinking, free-functioning individual inhabitant of a community.

The People

These are individuals who comprise the general population of a community.

The Legislator

This is a person who writes and defines necessary laws.

The Magistrate

This is the person who is responsible...

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